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How Much Does a Replacement Vinyl Liner Cost in 2022?

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How Much Does a Replacement Vinyl Liner Cost in 2022?

Vinyl liner pool

There are many reasons vinyl-liner pools are so popular. They are affordable, durable, attractive, and easy to install and maintain. They are often a preferred choice in climates with a harsh winter. A carefully maintained vinyl-lined pool can last up to 10 years on average. Without a doubt, however, the day will come when that vinyl liner needs to be replaced. Is this the year your vinyl-lined pool will need attention? How much does a replacement vinyl liner cost in 2022? 

Why Choose a Vinyl Liner Pool?

Vinyl-liner pools are fairly common in climates with long cold winters. They have a reputation for being the most budget-friendly in-ground pool, which is appealing to people who have a short swimming season and don’t want to spend a fortune on a pool. They are also known for having a quick installation time. The basic structure is poured concrete, but the pool walls are made of polymer or metal, which is resistant to cracking in freezing temperatures.

How to Make Your Vinyl Liner Pool Last

Most vinyl liners will last up to 10 years with good care. Some liners will keep on going for even longer than that. To get the most out of your vinyl liner, try to do the following:

  • Make maintaining a correct chemical balance a priority with a vinyl liner pool. A consistently high pH level is extremely detrimental to a vinyl pool. 
  • Avoiding punctures is important. Use pool cleaning tools that are specifically designed for use in vinyl-lined pools. Don’t allow sharp objects in the pool.
  • Keep the pool covered to prevent damage from debris and UV rays.
  • Watch the water level and do not let it get low, as it could dry and become damaged by the sun.

How to Know a Replacement is Necessary

Accidents do happen to vinyl liners, where punctures occur. Most of the time a small puncture can be repaired without much issue, but we don’t mean slapping on a piece of duct tape. You need a professional to perform this service. If water is allowed to leak out through a tear and sits between the liner and the inner walls of the supporting structure, rust and other damage can occur that could be costly to repair.

What are the Signs You Need Replacement?

Fortunately, there are clear signs that the vinyl liner in your pool needs to be replaced. 

  • Fading
  • Wrinkles
  • Cracks and tears
  • Stains and discoloration
  • Leaks. This is the biggest sign a replacement is needed. If the pool level drops more than an inch in two weeks, you will need to address the issue that you may have a leak.

How Much Does a Replacement Vinyl Liner Cost in 2022?

The typical cost to replace a vinyl liner today is between $2,000-$4,800. The variation in price is mainly due to pool size, vinyl thickness, and customization options. You will want to hire a professional pool service to do the replacement job. One of the fun things about replacing the vinyl liner in your pool is that it provides an opportunity to completely change the look of your pool with a new design. Aqua Pools has an online Vinyl Liner Visualizer, so you can play around with different looks before you commit to your final choice. 

Your vinyl lined pool should last up to 10 years. It will last longer with careful maintenance and not as long with poor care.  When it comes time to replace the liner in your pool, turn to Aqua Pools to expertly do the job. Since 1974, we’ve been building and renovating the most beautiful backyard retreats. Call us when you are ready to get started on your own vinyl liner replacement.


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