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How Often Do You Need to Replace a Vinyl Liner?

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How Often Do You Need to Replace a Vinyl Liner?

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Now that is a frequently asked question, for sure. There are many advantages to purchasing an inground vinyl-lined pool, such as their affordability, their low maintenance, and their fast installation time. But what about that liner? The truth is, a vinyl liner should last 6-10 years. Some last longer (maybe even a lot longer), and some give up earlier. The longevity of your vinyl-lined pool depends on several factors. So, let’s address the question, “How often do you need to replace a vinyl liner?” and get some answers.


Chemicals Must Be Balanced

It is essential to pay attention to having the proper chemical balance. If your pool’s pH is too acidic, that can be extremely detrimental to the condition of your vinyl liner. Also, when adding granular chlorine, it must be completely diluted before going into the pool. If those undiluted particles fall to rest on the bottom of your pool, it is not a good situation. They will degrade the vinyl material in no time. Monitoring and maintaining the correct chemical balance is one of the top priorities in promoting the longevity of your vinyl liner.


Avoiding Punctures

Avoiding punctures to the liner should be obvious, but sometimes accidents happen. Vinyl liners are pretty thick but are not completely impervious to damage from sharp objects. When cleaning the pool, be sure to use equipment that is specifically designed for the more delicate surface of a vinyl-lined pool. During cleaning, do pay particular attention to brushing the waterline clean, where dirt and oils can cause staining. Clear debris from your pool immediately. Sticks, branches, stones, and other objects are a very real threat to your vinyl liner’s pristine condition. Make it a firm rule that non-pool toys are not allowed in the pool. And keep Fido and his pokey claws out of the pool as well.


Cover It Up

Take care to use your pool cover regularly. Keeping debris out of the pool will go a long way to preventing punctures, but there is more. The sun’s UV rays can cause a lot of harm over time to a vinyl pool liner. Excess exposure to the sun can cause fading and a brittle texture to the vinyl, which will make it deteriorate faster. 


Pay Attention to the Water Level

Do not drain a vinyl pool, and do not let the water level fall low. Allowing a vinyl liner to dry out and be exposed to the sun can cause it to shrink, crack, and tear. The lack of water pressure against the vinyl can be very harmful. 


Vinyl Liner Repairs

The good news is, if your vinyl liner does suffer a puncture or cut, it can probably be repaired by a professional. 

There are so many advantages to purchasing a vinyl-lined pool. For one thing, they are substantially less expensive than a gunite or fiberglass option. They are also considered to be easier to maintain than other types of pools and are relatively durable. Lastly, if you want a pool in a hurry, a vinyl pool can be installed in a very short time. 

A carefully maintained vinyl pool can last many years with the right treatment. At some point, however, your vinyl liner will need to be replaced. There are a plethora of gorgeous customizable choices for vinyl liners. Aqua Pools has an online Liner Visualizer tool that allows you to select your style, pool shape, and view the amazing variety of choices for your new liner. As you can see, the frequency of vinyl liner replacement can vary considerably. We can tell you that Aqua Pools is here to answer all your questions and give you expert advice to maintain your vinyl pool liner for the maximum amount of time!

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