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How To Build Multi-Functional Areas in Your Backyard

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How To Build Multi-Functional Areas in Your Backyard

multifunctional patio area

Have you been feeling that your backyard space needs an update? Spring, warmer weather, and increased outdoor time will be upon us before you know it. If your patio décor is looking outdated, shabby, or is just not functioning the way it needs to, Aqua Pools is here with some suggestions. This could be the year you learn how to build multi-functional areas in your backyard that will increase your outdoor enjoyment tremendously. Did you know that we spend more time outside around our pools than we spend in our pools? Let’s see if we can’t help you create some outdoor living areas that will mesh with the way you really want to live your best backyard life.

Create an Outdoor Gathering Place

Designers tell us that it is important to extend the feel of your indoor décor out to your patio when creating an outdoor seating area. If your outdoor gathering/conversation area complements your inside décor, it will be all the more enticing. No matter what size your patio is, strive to create a comfortable, stylish, and inviting outdoor seating area for entertaining guests, gathering with family, and making conversation. Consider furniture pieces for this area that have comfortable thick cushions that will encourage people to stay and relax and chat. Guests will also appreciate end tables and a cocktail table for snacks and drinks. An outdoor area rug is a colorful accent and will define the space. Pay attention to where the sun falls at peak use time. You may need umbrellas or other shade devices to keep the area comfortable.

Outdoor Dining

Half of the fun of using your backyard during the warmer months of the year is outdoor dining. Having an attractively furnished dining area is conducive to both family gatherings and larger-scale entertaining. A great barbeque grill and prep area adjacent to your eating area is convenient and also more fun for the chef. Aqua Pools is proud to carry the Big Green Egg the ultimate in kamado-style grilling.

Lounging in the Sun

Whether you want to sit by the pool and bask in the sun or seek shelter in the shade with a good book, you need a well-designed chaise lounge chair. You will want something that is contoured to your body and with an adjustable back. Chaises with cushions are great for napping, but the slatted variety will help you dry off from the pool quicker. Keep in mind that lounge chairs that are stackable are so convenient for storage. Chaise lounges take up a bit of space, so consider your available area to avoid crowding. It is always thoughtful to provide an umbrella or two for those who prefer to lounge in the shade.

A Fire Feature for All Seasons

There is nothing as convivial as a fire feature for inspiring long conversations under the stars. If you have the space, a designated fire table surrounded by comfortable seating is the perfect spot to gather in all seasons. Space too tight? Consider making your main outdoor living/gathering space’s cocktail table double up as a fire table. 

If your backyard is looking out of date or seems to be missing something, Aqua Pools is a great resource for you. We carry high-quality outdoor furniture and can special order items that we may not have in our showroom. With a bit of creativity and our assistance, you can learn how to build multi-functional areas in your backyard. Rather than a poolside area with just a couple of rickety lounge chairs, your outside living space could have spaces for conversation, family and social gatherings, sunning, lounging, dining, and more. This could be the year that your backyard starts serving you in the way you have always dreamed it could. As a result, you will find yourself spending more time enjoying the outside area of your home than ever before.

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