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How to Choose the Right Size Big Green Egg

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How to Choose the Right Size Big Green Egg

How to choose the right size Big Green Egg

If you have decided to buy a Big Green Egg kamado-style barbeque grill, you may be pondering a few final questions. The biggest dilemma many buyers have is how to choose the right size Big Green Egg. There are seven sizes of Big Green Eggs to choose from, and each one has its purpose. We suggest you start thinking in terms of what type of food you like to grill and how many people you typically serve. Aqua Pools carries all sizes of the Big Green Egg and would love to share some information with you that could help you decide which model is right for you. 

The Mini BGE

The Mini Big Green Egg is a good choice for you if you like to pop your grill in the car and take it with you to the beach, to tailgate, or camping. At 39 pounds, it is pretty easy to move from place to place. There is a carrier attachment available to make transporting it easier. You won’t have as many options as to what you can cook on it because of its 10” grill diameter and the size of the chamber that holds charcoal. A steak, a couple of chicken breasts or burgers work well on this model.

The Mini-Max and the Small Big Green Egg

The Mini-Max and Small Big Green Eggs have a 13” grill and weigh in at 76-80 pounds. The Mini-Max is very portable and comes with a carrier attachment, which is great for tailgating and picnics. Both sizes work well for those of you who have just a balcony or small patio on which to do your grilling. You can cook a 12-pound turkey, four burgers, a couple of steaks, and one rack of ribs.

The Small size has a deeper chamber for holding charcoal, so you have more options for the length of time your charcoal will last.  These smaller sizes are often a popular choice as an additional grill for those with a larger grill who need overflow room when cooking. Accessories that work well are the cast iron skillet and griddle, the baking stone, and the Conveggtor for indirect cooking. In addition, all sizes from the Mini-Max on up can be placed on a “nest” stand which raises the grill off the ground.

The Medium

The Medium Big Green Egg is perfect for a couple or small family. It weighs 114 pounds and has a 15” diameter grill surface. All accessories work with the Medium grill including the Dutch oven, griddle and the chicken holder. You can grill six burgers, two chickens, an 18-pound turkey and four racks of ribs on it.

The Large Big Green Egg

Without a doubt, the Large size BGE is the most popular size. It’s a big boy at 162 pounds and has a versatile 18.25” grill surface. It’s perfect for the average sized family who entertains from time to time. All Eggcessories work with this style, including the fantastic Eggspander multi-level rack, Dutch oven, various cast iron griddles, and the ceramic chicken roaster. You may be getting the idea that Big Green Egg accessories have a cult following! No problem cooking a 20-pound turkey, a dozen burgers or steaks, a couple of pizzas, and loads of racks of ribs on this size Big Green Egg. Buyers often add a table surround or custom cooking island when they purchase this model.

The XLarge 

The XLarge size Big Green Egg has a huge cooking capacity. It has a 24” grill diameter and weighs 219 pounds. Its capacity is ideal for large gatherings and entertaining big groups. With this size, several meals can even be prepared at once. This model is popular with caterers and cooking professionals.

The 2XL Big Green Egg

With a 29” diameter grill surface, you can imagine how popular this model is with restaurants and professional chefs who are cooking for events. It is the largest kamado-style grill on the market, at 375 pounds. You can cook 35-40 burgers, more than a dozen chickens, 18-20 steaks… you get the idea. This model is massive! You can even cook a suckling pig on it, no problem.

How to choose the right size Big Green Egg doesn’t have to be hard. Consider first the type of food you enjoy cooking, the number of people you cook for, and the area where you will do your grilling. The Big Green Egg website has tons of information on the features of the various models. Aqua Pools knows that purchasing a Big Green Egg is a big deal, and we carry all seven models so you can be sure to get the one that is right for you! Stop in today to see the different sizes and models in person.

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