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How to Enjoy your Hot Tub all Year Long

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How to Enjoy your Hot Tub all Year Long

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Living in the mid-west means that you get to enjoy 4 distinct seasons. You experience beautiful blankets of snow, the excitement of a spring bloom, hot days by the pool and the brilliant colors of fall. The downside is that the number of “ideal” days to enjoy outdoor activities are a tad fewer than your neighbors to the south. That just means you have to be thoughtful about your outdoor purchases and how much use you will actually get out of them. A hot tub is a great purchase because they can absolutely be enjoyed year round no matter what the temperature is. We have put together some of our best tips for enjoying your spa in each season.


Spring is one of the most ideal seasons for enjoying your spa. The evening temperatures are usually just cool enough that the hot tub feels amazing. You don’t really need to make any adjustments or accommodations in the Spring. We would suggest taking full advantage of the season by planting flowers near your spa so that you can enjoy those gorgeous garden blooms as you soak.


In the beginning of summer, your experiences will be really similar to those in the spring. By mid to late summer, the thought of soaking in a hot tub will be rather unappealing. This is when it is time to turn your tub in to a cool tub. You can turn off the heater and and allow your tub to cool down to a more reasonable temperature. Some customers even find that it is fun and refreshing to add ice to their tub to help get the temperature down quickly. The best part about turning your hot tub into a cool tub is that they are so well insulated that you can easily maintain an ideal temperature. With a cool tub, you are sure to get maximum enjoyment all summer long.


Fall is commonly a favorite time to hot tub. Much like in the spring, the evening temperatures are perfect for hot tubbing without requiring extra care. Because the temperature is cooling off rather than warming up, there is just something a little different about the fall air that calls you to the hot tub. Fall is a great time to invite friends to come and enjoy an evening in the hot tub with you. Throw in a fire pit and some s’mores and you have a picture perfect evening.


Everyone loves the images of people soaking in a hot tub surrounded by snow. It is really quite picturesque. What you don’t see is the freezing cold trek to and from the hot tub or the very real danger of overheating. Because the air temperature is so cold and the hot water feels so good, your body often doesn’t recognize that it is overheating. However, these added concerns don’t mean that you can’t enjoy your hot tub during the winter. It just means that you should take extra care when soaking in the extreme cold. We recommend turning the temperature down a few degrees, taking shorter soaks, and wearing a winter hat to help regulate your body temperature. You will also want to invest in a long robe and warm shoes to wear to and from the hot tub so you don’t undo all of that warm relaxation with a freezing cold jog into the house.

There is definitely something to love about your hot tub in every season. You might just find that your favorite season for hot tubbing is all of them. Experience a year of hot tub soaks through every season with a brand new hot tub of your own. Stop by the store, we would love to help you out.


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