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How to identify a quality hot tub

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How to identify a quality hot tub

From diapers to new cars, you do your research before you make any purchase. It is especially a good idea to do your research before you invest in a hot tub. The price tag on a hot tub can literally vary thousands of dollars. There are hundreds of places that you can buy from and more brands and models than you can shake a stick at. So how do you know that you are buying a high quality hot tub. Start by doing your research. We have put together a few ways that you can know that you are getting a quality hot tub.

Go With A Name You Know

For starters you want to make sure that you buy a hot tub that has a name you know. Hot tub companies that have been around for years have made a name for themselves. That didn’t happen by selling sub-par tubs that constantly need repairs. They became well-known for their quality products. If their products aren’t quality, chances are you will easily be able to tell when you search their product name. Stick with what you know and you will be glad you did.

Try Before you Buy

One sure fire way to know that you are investing in a high quality hot tub is by taking a test soak. Many stores will offer test soaks to their serious buyers. If they don’t offer test soaks, they should at least have samples of their tubs set up and running in their showroom. If you can’t see the tub set up and running, chances are the tub is loud and difficult to take care of. If the dealer doesn’t even want it set up in their showroom, you don’t want it in your home.

Pay Attention To Detail

Top manufacturers have put care into every detail of their tubs. Don’t be fooled by lots of jets and fancy finishes. Although there is nothing wrong with having a lot of jets or fancy finishes, you want to make sure that those things aren’t covering up cheap quality. Actually look at the jets and feel the finishes. Do they look flimsy and cheap? Can you see the quality of the materials? Ask to look inside the hot tub. Do the pumps and pipes look flimsy and cheap or do they look durable and strong? You will be able to tell alot about a tub by looking closely at the details.

Word of Mouth

A great way to know if a hot tub is high quality or not, is to ask around. Someone who has owned the same brand or model of hot tub, that you are interested in, will be a great resource. They can give you information on maintenance and any repairs that they have had to make. Don’t have any friends with hot tubs? Your dealer should be able to give you a couple of references that you could contact for information. The best way to find out how a tub is going to hold up is to ask someone who has first-hand experience.

Once you have gone through all of these quality checks, you should feel confident in knowing that you are getting a high quality hot tub. Here at Aqua Pools, our knowledgeable staff would love to show you our high quality hot tubs. We can answer any questions you have so you feel totally satisfied with your purchase. Come see us.

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