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How To Properly Care for Your Swim Spa This Summer

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How To Properly Care for Your Swim Spa This Summer

care for your swim spa this summer

Are you aware of the current chlorine shortage? Last year’s surge in the purchase of pools, hot tubs, and swim spas created a larger than ever demand for chlorine sanitizers. In addition, there was a disastrous fire that destroyed a major US chlorine-producing plant. That combination of events has led to an unprecedented shortage of chlorine pool sanitizer products. Don’t panic just yet, however. Aqua Pools has some great suggestions on how to properly care for your swim spa this summer and beyond. Read on for some sanitation alternatives as well as great general maintenance tips.


Sanitation Options

The number one thing to pay attention to with your swim spa is the quality of the water. Because you exercise in your swim spa (i.e. sweat), you need to focus closely on sanitation.  Chlorine is sometimes the first thought when it comes to choosing a sanitizer for a swim spa. With supply issues this year, it may be more expensive or difficult to find. The good news is, there are some great sanitation alternatives.

  • Bromine is extremely effective at destroying algae and bacteria. It works better at the higher temperature of a swim spa and remains stable longer than chlorine. It also has no chlorine odor and is less irritating to the skin and eyes.
  • Saltwater systems are becoming extremely popular due to lower cost, the improved feel of the water, convenience, lack of odor and skin irritation, and being eco-friendly. If you’re interested in saltwater you will need a saltwater system that is compatible with your swim spa. 


Maintain Proper Water Balance Daily

Whatever sanitation system you use, it is important to test the chemical levels daily and adjust as necessary. An imbalance in pH, alkalinity, and sanitizer can affect water quality and may also irritate users’ skin and eyes. Algae isn’t typically a big problem in a swim spa, but you must act promptly if you discover any signs of it. Your professionals at Aqua Pools can advise you as to what specific products are recommended for your swim spa.


Clean Your Filter Monthly

Once a month it is a good idea to clean your filter elements. A dirty filter affects the quality of your water and reduces the effectiveness of your pump. Depending on the type of filter you have, this can be done by simply soaking it in water or cleaning it with a hose. There are also chemical cleaning agents for filters. Do check with your pool pros at Aqua Pools to see if they are recommended for your specific swim spa filter.


Drain and Refill Every 3-4 Months

Every three or four months it is recommended that you drain your swim spa at least halfway and give the acrylic shell a good scrubbing. The experts at Aqua Pools can suggest a specialty cleaner that will do the job. In addition, clean the cover, and your strainer baskets. This job is a breeze compared to the scrubbing and vacuuming necessary in a larger swimming pool!


We hope these tips will inspire you to properly care for your swim spa. Regular water testing and spa maintenance are essential for the quality and longevity of your unit. If you are considering switching your swim spa to a sanitation system other than chlorine it is important to check with your professional pool and swim spa dealer. Our experts at Aqua Pools are your number one best source of information. Give us a call or stop by.


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