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How to Right Size Your Swim Spa

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How to Right Size Your Swim Spa

Right Size Your Swim Spa

What’s nice about a home swim spa is that it can be used for many purposes, like swimming exercises, water therapy, and relaxing with family. A roomy swim spa, like the Marquis® V150 ATV model, is big enough to accommodate anywhere from 8-10 people. But, how do you know which size will fit your needs? There are only a few things you need to know to right size your swim spa and maximize your enjoyment.

Swim, Relax, Repeat

Sufficient room to move around in the spa is important. But too much space could also move you away from the soothing jets. The tub should provide enough jets per target area per seat. Different body types, from children to adults, will likely use the swim spa, but make sure the jets are positioned in the tub that will target key areas, at least for the people who will use the swim spa most often.

Large, roomy swim spas like the V150 provide a serious pro-level workout. But if you don’t need anything quite that large, we have plenty of other options. The Marquis ATV Sport has a 17-foot swim area and massage jets to provide hydrotherapy massages. Of course, one of the perks of large swim spas is that they can easily go from a stealthy workout pool to a party or entertainment tub in no time at all.

Swim spas are also great for hydrotherapy massages, no matter if it’s 2 people or 10. But choosing the right size depends on the type of therapy. For a decent water massage, at least 30 minutes is suggested to gain the maximum benefits. Sitting still during a hydrotherapy session is typical; therefore, select a swim spa with the right amount of therapy seats for your family


Knowing your preferences and how you plan to use your ATV helps in knowing how to right size your swim spa. This includes customizing some of its features. For instance, select a decent size tub that allows for both swimming and for post-recovery. This allows your body to cool down from a workout, away from the pulses and jets. Also, by delegating dual temperature controls for output, you control the spa’s temperature and pressure.

The depth of the tub is another consideration, especially if there will be children using the spa. The right size for that customization could depend on several factors including the number of children, ages, ability, and water experience.

Now that you have an idea about what size swim spa might be right for you, are you ready for a Marquis ATV of your own? Contact us, or click here to download your free brochure!


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