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How To Save Money on Quality Pool Equipment

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How To Save Money on Quality Pool Equipment

how to save money on quality pool equipment

Whether it’s pumps, filters, or heaters, pool equipment is a big investment. Do you wonder how to save money on quality pool equipment? We hear you! Aqua Pools has been in the pool business since 1974, and we know a thing or two about pool equipment. And we can tell you without hesitation that cheaper is not always better. Your pool is a long-term investment, and it makes sense that the equipment you purchase to run it be as well. When making an essential pool-related purchase that is meant to last over time, there are several factors to consider in order to make the most of your money.  

Cost vs Value in Pool Equipment

Cost is what you pay for a product. Value is the worth that it has over time. A cheap pool pump purchased online that breaks down and requires replacement or costly repairs is not a good buy overall. On the other hand, if you buy a more expensive brand name pump from your local dealer, Aqua Pools, it will probably last longer without issues — thereby costing you less over time than the cheaper big box or online choices. The cheaper pump may be attractive initially because of the lower upfront cost, but when it ends up costing you more for repairs or replacement, it becomes a considerably less valuable option.

Pool Equipment Warranties

Most pool equipment will come with a 60 to 90-day warranty, but higher-end equipment brands such as Hayward Pool Products (sold by Aqua Pools) will often have the option of extended warranties. In particular, if you buy your equipment from Aqua Pools, not only will we install it, we will see that it serves you well for the warranty period and beyond. 

Seasonal Sales and Specials on Pool Equipment

It is a fact that brand-name equipment is occasionally offered for a reduced price. We recommend getting on our notification list for sales and specials. Aqua Pools, being a premium dealer, may sometimes get special pricing on high-quality equipment from our suppliers. It pays to be in the know regarding upcoming opportunities to save on higher-ticket items. 

Buying From a Reputable Dealer

The most essential piece of advice we can offer on how to save money on pool equipment is to make your purchase from a professional dealer such as Aqua Pools. When you purchase cheap off-brand equipment online, at a trade show, or from a big box store, you may be out of luck when the product fails. On the other hand, when you buy your brand-name equipment from Aqua Pools, an authorized dealer, you can have the peace of mind that should an issue arise, your dealer will be there to help make things right. 

Regular Professional Maintenance

Aqua Pools offers professional pool maintenance packages that include equipment inspection. Discovering a potential equipment problem and taking care of it sooner rather than later can save owners big money. In particular, if you have name-brand equipment such as Hayward, we can help with warranty coverage. During our pool inspection service, we assess your pool equipment and evaluate its life expectancy. 

How to save money on quality pool equipment doesn’t have to be complicated. We recommend that you purchase name-brand pool products from Aqua Pools, your local professional dealer. Take advantage of seasonal specials, get the extended warranty package, and sign up for regular maintenance services or pool equipment inspections. And keep in mind that when you purchase a piece of quality pool equipment, it will hold its value over time and be a far better choice than something that offers a cheap price up front. Aqua Pools is the name you can trust for all your pool needs.


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