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Is a Saltwater Hot Tub Really Un-Chlorinated?

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Is a Saltwater Hot Tub Really Un-Chlorinated?

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If you’ve decided to buy a hot tub then you’ve probably come across the “chlorine versus salt water” argument. There are advocates for each side and sometimes you’ll hear something that has a little bit of truth to it but is not entirely correct. 

One thing that gets repeated a lot is that if you soak in a chlorinated hot tub then you don’t have to take a bath. That’s not true. Please, bathe regularly.

Another thing that we hear a lot is that a saltwater hot tub does not use chlorine. And while that may have some truth to it, it is not one hundred percent true.

What Is Chlorine?

Chlorine is a powerful chemical that has a lot of applications. It is strong enough that it has been used as a weapon. But most commonly it is used for cleaning. It is devastating to bacteria. Adding it to water keeps people from getting sick when they drink it, cook with it, or bathe in it. In the pool and spa industry, it can be very handy at keeping things nice and sanitary.

It’s main drawback is that even though it is so effective against bacteria, it also produces a strong gas if it isn’t balanced right. That is why a lot of people have moved to saltwater hot tubs.

Does a Saltwater Hot Tub Use Chlorine?

The simple answer is yes. Saltwater hot tubs do, in fact, use chlorine. The difference is that you are not actually adding it to the water. The saltwater system converts the salt into chlorine. It cycles through the water at a lower rate than if it were all added at once. That keeps everything in the right balance, the fumes are eliminated, and you add chemicals to your hot tub a lot less often. 

At Aqua Pools we know hot tubs. If you have questions about chlorine versus saltwater we have a friendly and knowledgeable staff that’s ready to help. Come visit our showroom and let us help you find the right spa to meet your needs.

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