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Is a Spa Chemical Delivery Service Too Expensive?

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Is a Spa Chemical Delivery Service Too Expensive?

a spa chemical delivery service is worthwhile

Autumn is considered by many to be the best season to enjoy your hot tub. However, soaking in a hot tub that is not properly maintained can cause serious consequences to bathers in the form of irritated skin and eyes or bacterial infections. Additionally, a poorly maintained hot tub can take its toll on your spa equipment.

The main thing you can do to ensure the safety of users and the longevity of your spa equipment is to maintain your hot tub regularly and thoroughly. One method that many conscientious spa owners use to keep on schedule is to have their spa chemicals delivered on a regular basis. As the lightbulb goes off in your brain at this brilliant idea, you may have a question occur to you, “Is a spa chemical delivery service too expensive?” As a professional pool and spa dealer for nearly 50 years, Aqua Pools is here to say that we think spa chemical delivery service is very much worth it.

What Chemicals are Needed?

To keep your hot tub water balanced and to avoid the growth of algae and bacteria, a spa chemical delivery service will ensure that you have the following chemicals on hand:

  1. Sanitizer (chlorine, bromine, etc.)
  2. Alkalinity increaser
  3. pH decreaser and pH increaser
  4. Calcium hardness increaser
  5. Shock
  6. Line flush to periodically clean lines of mineral deposits, dirt, and grime

Water Testing

Your first step in achieving perfectly balanced spa water is to test the water. Aqua Pools offers a water testing service that will get you started in knowing what levels are essential for proper water care. Once you get the hang of what to look for, you can keep your own water test kit on hand and add your spa chemicals yourself. 

A Spa Chemical Delivery Service Provides Safety

Pool and spa chemicals are hazardous materials. You may not want to transport them yourself in the vehicle you use for your family. Leave the handling and delivery of these materials to the professionals at Aqua Pools and relax. In addition, if you are cautious about exposing yourself to germs, you may appreciate the social distancing a contactless delivery provides.

Save Time with a Spa Chemical Delivery Service

We all want to save time where we can in our busy lives. The convenience of shopping online for your spa chemicals can’t be overstated. Selecting what you need and placing your order with Aqua Pools for delivery means that you don’t have to get in the car, wait your turn at the store, and shlep your purchases home on your own. The time you saved shopping means you have more time to spend in your spa or to enjoy other activities with your family.

Spa Chemical Delivery Service is not Expensive

Most spa delivery services are not expensive. At Aqua Pools we offer a delivery service rate of $25-50 depending on the size of the order and delivery location. If you are outside of our local delivery area, you can still order ahead and enjoy free contactless pickup service at either of our showrooms in Homer Glen or Worth.

Is a spa chemical delivery service too expensive? At Aqua Pools, we think that regular and complete hot tub maintenance is essential for the health of your family and for the longevity of your spa. Having the chemicals you need on hand will make sure that your hot tub gets the timely and proper care it needs.

Additionally, the safety and time-saving convenience a spa chemical delivery service provides makes the cost of delivery more than worth it. Shop online at Aqua Pools and relax knowing you have taken the first step towards keeping your hot tub in top-notch condition.

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