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Is a Swim Spa the Right Fit for You?

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Is a Swim Spa the Right Fit for You?

Is a swim spa the right fit for you

Are you wondering if a swim spa is the right fit for you? Are you debating the merits between swimming pools and swim spas? There are definite benefits to both choices, but your particular situation and desires can point you in a definite direction. Aqua Pools may have some answers that will help you decide which way to go. 


How big is your backyard?

There is no doubt about it, the size of backyards seems to be getting smaller. If your space is limited, the smaller size of a swim spa may make it the right choice for you.


What is your budget?

When you compare the costs of swimming pools and swim spas, the swim spa comes out ahead. The cost to install a swim spa will be more than a hot tub, but considerably less than a pool.


Have you considered the cost of operation?

Operating a swim spa will be less costly than maintaining a swimming pool. The smaller volume of water in a swim spa means that the utility expenses of a pump and heater are about half that of a pool. You will find you use fewer chemicals to maintain a swim spa as well. 


What about installation?

Swimming pools require a lot of ground excavation, permits, hardscape, landscaping, and more. A proper pool installation can take weeks or even months to complete and be subject to delays due to weather, sub-contractors, and other factors. In contrast, swim spas are very easily installed—often in just one day. A poured foundation and access to electricity are your basic requirements for a swim spa.


Do you want to swim year-round?

One of the biggest benefits of having a swim spa is that you can use it just about all year-round, regardless of the weather. Many people use their swim spa 9-12 months a year, which is possible since it holds a smaller volume of water and is insulated. Maintaining a warm comfortable temperature during the colder months of the year will not break the bank. In addition, in the summertime, you can lower the temperature and turn your swim spa into a cooler swimming experience. 


How will you primarily use it?

This question is really a big one. How do you envision using your pool or swim spa? If you see yourself entertaining large groups of people and spending a lot of leisure time relaxing outside, a larger pool may suit you best. However, a swim spa will provide many of the same relaxation, socialization, and entertainment benefits of a pool, but in a more compact format. 

The swim spa does possess one additional selling feature that a swimming pool does not offer. With a swim spa, you also have the benefits of a hot tub. The warm water of a swim spa provides hydrotherapy, aids insomnia, offers pain reduction, and provides anxiety relief. 

We have discussed many reasons for choosing a swim spa, but the primary reason they are so popular is their exercise benefits. If you have a swim spa, you can achieve tremendous levels of fitness, without leaving your backyard. Besides swimming against the powerful jets of the swim spa, you can do rowing exercises, low impact exercises, running against the current, and much more.


We hope we have helped with the question of whether a swim spa is the right fit for you. We think swim spas combine the best features and advantages of both pools and hot tubs. With a swim spa you can achieve your fitness goals, enjoy family leisure time, and experience all the hydrotherapy benefits of a hot tub. Aqua Pools has been providing excellent service to clients in the Chicagoland area since 1974. We would love to answer any of your swim spa-related questions and discuss whether it is the right choice for you.


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