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Is it Expensive to Own a Hot Tub?

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Is it Expensive to Own a Hot Tub?

It doesn't have to be expensive to own a hot tub.

You may be weighing the pros and cons of owning a hot tub. One question you probably have is “Is it expensive to own a hot tub?” Good for you. You are someone who plans ahead and bases big decisions on careful research! Or, maybe you aren’t that person. You may have jumped right in and bought a hot tub and are now hoping that your monthly utility and maintenance bills aren’t going to be through the roof. In either case, Aqua Pools is here to help you understand what to expect in terms of monthly costs and what you can do to bring those costs down.

Will My Electric Bill Go Up When I Own a Hot Tub?

The surprising answer is that it should not go up much at all. Some people report that at most they see an increase of around $20. One secret: avoid purchasing a cheap hot tub. When you invest in a quality spa, its parts will be more energy efficient and its insulation the best available. Both these factors will keep your utility bills low. A higher-priced name-brand hot tub can be cost-saving over a cheaper one in the long run.

What About the Water Bill?

If you drain and refill your hot tub once every 3 or 4 months, as recommended, you should see no change in your water bill at all. If you see a big jump in your monthly bill, there could be an issue such as a leak, which you should have checked out immediately. Also, if you have kids using the hot tub who are splashing over much, you could have a situation called “splash out,” which means you have to top off the water in the spa. Caution over exuberant splashers that they need to take care to keep the water in the hot tub.

Will Chemicals Be Expensive?

When you own a hot tub, you may fret that maintenance supplies will be expensive. Your cost for chemicals will not be anywhere near as high as it would be for a pool. The smaller volume of water means you will be using far fewer chemicals in your hot tub. Do not make the mistake of buying cheap chemicals at the big box store. Purchase them from Aqua Pools, your friendly local dealer. We sell the highest quality chemicals, free of any additives or fillers. Plus, our professional staff can answer all your questions on proper usage and problem-solving. You can even enjoy the convenience of shopping for hot tub chemicals online with Aqua Pools.

Cost Saving Tips 

There are some additional energy-saving tips that can add up to save you a lot of money when you own a hot tub. 

  • Keep the heat contained in the hot tub with a well-insulated cover.
  • Heat your hot tub during non-peak electrical rate hours.
  • Today’s energy-efficient models heat up quickly, so be sure to turn the temperature of the hot tub down when not in use. There is no sense in keeping it at a high temperature when not in use. You can take it down as low as 95° and it will be back up to temperature in a jiffy.
  • A dirty hot tub will take a toll on its filtration system, which will have to work harder to keep the water as it should be. Well-maintained hot tubs are more energy-efficient. Keep on top of your cleaning.
  • If wind is an issue, it can cool down a hot tub in a hurry. Construct a windbreak to counteract that problem. 

Whether you are contemplating the purchase of a hot tub, or have already placed your order, we hope these tips and information will be helpful in keeping your costs down. Is it expensive to own a hot tub? It doesn’t have to be. When you buy your hot tub from Aqua Pools you are not only getting a quality energy efficient hot tub that will last for many years, but you are getting the expertise of our staff to help you maintain and operate it. 

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