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Keep it HOT or COOL it off

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Keep it HOT or COOL it off

D1 Lake Front mountainsOwning a hot tub in the summer might feel like a bit of a waste. Hot water in the heat of summer just doesn’t sound very appealing. Many hot tub owners end up leaving the cover on and ignoring their tub for those summer months. This approach is not good for your hot tub and certainly doesn’t give you the most enjoyment out of your investment. There are several ways that you can still enjoy your hot tub during the summer months.

Make it a Cool Tub

One of the most popular things to do with your hot tub during the summer is to turn it into a cool tub. Basically, by turning off the heater and running your air jets, you can cool off your tub water, giving you a delightful summer pool. Just keep the cover on during the heat of the day so the water doesn’t heat back up.

Keep it Hot

There are still several options available to you if you prefer to keep your tub hot year-round. If you use your hot tub for its therapeutic benefits, those benefits will still be the same during the summer months. You may just need to adjust things a little bit. You might turn down the heat a bit to make sure you aren’t overheating. Take your soak with a refreshing light drink in hand. Something like fruit infused water will be refreshing and it will keep you hydrated. Try soaking early in the morning or later at night once the sun has gone down so things don’t feel quite as hot. You could also add fans to your deck or patio, so you have a nice breeze keeping things cool. Finally, you might want to shorten your soak, so you don’t overheat or become dehydrated.

Plan a Tropical Party

Many tropical getaways include relaxing hot springs. You have a hot tub and tropical temperatures, why not create a tropical getaway for your friends in your own backyard? Throw out some tropical decor. Put on some island music and serve up your favorite mocktails. You could even add some cool water features to give it that ocean/hot spring vibe. It will be a night your friends won’t forget.

Have a Date Night

Your hot tub is always the perfect place for a date night, and summer is no exception. Most couples enjoy heating things up on a romantic evening and your hot tub is the perfect place to do it. Once the sun has gone down you and your love can take a quick soak. Your body temperature will elevate, so when you get out it will begin to drop and make the hot night air seem cool. This creates the perfect environment for you to snuggle in close and enjoy a romantic outdoor movie.

Whether you decide to cool it off or keep it hot, your hot tub is a great source for summer entertainment. So, don’t cover it up and forget about it. Make use of your hot tub this summer and enjoy the best summer yet!

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