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Kid-Friendly Swim Lessons in a Swim Spa

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Kid-Friendly Swim Lessons in a Swim Spa

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Providing swim lessons at an early age is an excellent activity for kids of all ages. Swimming is a lifelong skill that gives a child the best kind of entertainment, fitness, and confidence. You may be wondering how you can teach this amazing aquatic skill in a safe and convenient place. However, the very tool you need to embark on this journey may already be in your backyard! Let’s learn about how you can provide kid-friendly swim lessons in a swim spa and enjoy some quality family time along the way.

Familiar Surroundings

Introducing swimming to your child in the swim spa can be made easier by the fact that it is a familiar sight to your child. Packing up supplies and heading out to an unfamiliar location to be taught by a stranger can stir up feelings of anxiety in little ones. However, going into the backyard swim spa with a trusted and familiar person helps create more positive emotions. It feels much more like playtime and less like a teaching moment!

Smaller Volume of Water

The smaller volume of water in a swim spa is much less overwhelming to a small child than a larger pool. The more intimate space and the physical closeness of a swim spa also helps to provide your little learner with a greater sense of security and encourages confidence.

Soothing Water Temperature

The warmer temperature of the swim spa’s water makes learning to swim much more relaxing for the child from the start. It’s less intimidating than a colder pool and can be a therapeutic experience.

Getting Started

So, now that we have established that the environment of a swim spa helps cultivate a positive learning experience from the beginning, how do you begin? Start by keeping the lessons short.  In the beginning a 20-30 minute lesson is plenty of time. This keeps both you and your young learner from becoming overly tired or frustrated. Try working on one concept with each lesson, only moving to the next when the previous one is mastered. 

  • Kicking – Leg kicking is an easy place to start. Have your swimmer hold on to the side of the swim spa and practice kicking their legs. 
  • Face in the Water – It is important that kids get used to having water in their face. Make a game of blowing bubbles underwater. Make sure you do it as well so they see it is fun. Goggles can sometimes be a good prop with this activity.
  • Back Float – Most kids don’t like getting water in their ears, so this is a biggie. Start with your child on their back in the water. Support them with two hands, one under their head and the other on the small of their back. As they gain confidence, remove your hand from under their head and encourage them to keep their head back in the water. 
  • Use Those Arms – Encourage your swimmer to use their arms to pull themselves forward in the water. At first, the technique will be more dog paddle than proper technique, but finesse can come later.

Family Fun for Everyone!

Using your swim spa to introduce your young child to swimming is extremely effective and fun! The warmth of the water, the intimate setting, and the comfort of your closeness to them alleviate much of the anxiety that undermines the success of professional swim lessons. You can help your child master the basic principles of swimming at home in your own backyard with kid-friendly swim lessons in a swim spa!

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