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Landscaping Tips for Your Fiberglass Pool

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Landscaping Tips for Your Fiberglass Pool

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Once your new fiberglass pool is installed in the ground, you will be anxious to jump in and enjoy it. However, no matter how gorgeous your sparkling blue pool may be, it is the surrounding landscaping that provides the overall atmosphere and style that you have been dreaming of. What is your vision? Is it a lush tropical paradise, a minimalist Zen retreat, a private family hangout? You probably chose a fiberglass pool because of its ease of installation, low maintenance, and a wide array of available features. There are many options when it comes to creating the perfect surroundings for it. Let’s talk about some landscaping tips for your fiberglass pool that will bring your vision to life.

Choose a Coping or Pavement Material

The first landscaping decision you may make is to choose a coping or paving material to surround your fiberglass pool. Coping covers the top wall of the pool and provides a smooth surface for swimmers to enter and exit the pool. Many times the coping material is extended to form a deck or patio around the entire pool. There are many possible materials including poured concrete, stamped concrete, stone pavers, or aggregate. We highly recommend that you choose a surrounding surface that is not slippery. Whatever hardscape material you do end up with, it will be a frame for your pool and will set the tone for your overall landscape design. 


To create the backyard oasis of your dreams, you will need to add some privacy features such as fencing, trees, and shrubs. There are two main types of fencing for pools. The first is perimeter fencing that will surround the entire yard, creating both privacy and security. The other type of fencing is safety fencing, typically placed right around the pool itself, and designed to prevent children and pets from having access to the pool. Pool fencing comes in a variety of materials such as mesh, glass, wood, wrought iron, and vinyl.

Smart Landscaping Choices

High shrubs and trees can be planted around perimeter fencing, adding an additional privacy screen. Once trees and shrubs mature and fill in, they will also provide a sound barrier to screen out unwelcome noises. You will want to avoid planting trees that drop leaves, flower petals, fruit, pods, or other debris that might end up in the pool. Shrubs and trees that attract bees are also to be avoided. 

Create Some Shade

Adding a shade structure around your pool will not only protect you from UV rays but will add a design feature that will enhance the look of your pool area. Pergolas, shade sails, and retractable awnings are all options that will look fabulous and make sitting around the pool even more enjoyable.


Lighting features can totally transform the look of your pool area. Strategically placed to emphasize your landscaping or to create a mood in and around your pool, there is nothing like LED lighting to add atmosphere around your pool. Beyond the luminous setting it creates, pool lighting also enhances nighttime safety and visibility. Adding lights to your fiberglass pool is a way to make your pool even more of a focal point in your backyard.

Water and Fire Features

The soothing sight and sounds of a water feature will add a peaceful element to your fiberglass pool landscape design. A separate freestanding fountain or a built-in waterfall will add a touch of luxury to your pool environment which will make you feel like your backyard is your private resort. Also, the juxtaposition of fire and water make a dynamic addition to the atmosphere around your pool. Everyone loves to gather around a fire pit in the evening.  Placing one in the vicinity of your pool further promotes that cozy conversational ambiance.

When it comes to landscaping tips for your fiberglass pool, first focus on the basic “bones” that will give shape and structure to your backyard oasis. Consider the hardscape that will surround and frame your pool. Build outward with plantings, shade coverings, and special features that will set off and enhance your new pool. The best landscaping adds beauty and atmosphere without creating extra work for the pool owner. Make the right choices and you will be transported to a backyard oasis that was previously only in your dreams! Aqua Pools is the premier fiberglass pool builder in the Chicagoland area. We proudly partner with Viking Fiberglass Pools, which have set the industry standards for quality and innovative fiberglass pool designs. When you want the best, call Aqua Pools!

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