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The Delivery Process

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So, you’ve picked out your new hot tub or swim spa. Now, what happens during the delivery and setup process?

Before delivery, you should already have your concrete pad poured and cured or the deck reinforced. Electrical wiring should be in place as well. You can discuss your part of this planning process with our spa pros at Aqua Pools! The hot tub is then delivered to your home by truck and placed on its final spot, usually by crane.

Your hot tub will need to be connected to the electrical outlet (most often a 220-Volt) and filled with water. Then, you’ll test and treat your water and finally enjoy your hot tub or swim spa!

This process can take some time, so be patient. You will also need to understand that there could be some digging involved, concrete to be poured, and electrical connections to be made, all of which take time and can make a mess in your backyard. Just remember: it’s temporary! When all is done, you’ll have a hot tub or swim spa for many years, and the little trouble up front will seem meaningless.

Latham Liner Visualizer

Aqua Pools Online is proud to showcase the Latham Liner Visualizer by Latham Pools.  Now you can visualize an assortment of vinyl liners for your swimming pool.

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