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Saltwater Pool Systems

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In the entire pool industry, there is probably nothing with more misconceptions surrounding it than saltwater pools. The two we hear most often are:

“I want a saltwater pool because my pool will feel like the ocean!”


“I want a saltwater pool, because I hate the smell of chlorine!”

In fact, the saltiness of a saltwater pool is far, far less than ocean water. And, the salt doesn’t replace chlorine. It merely manufactures chlorine, so you still have a “chlorinated” pool.

But that isn’t to say that saltwater pools aren’t amazing! Saltwater pools feel fantastic on the skin, and most people agree, they smell better, too.

We won’t dig too deeply into the science behind saltwater sanitation systems, except to say that they work due to a nifty little gadget called the salt chlorine generator. Inside that cell is a genie … not really. Inside are coated metal blades. As the salty water goes through those blades, the process called electrolysis happens, separating the salt and water into hydrogen and hypochlorous acid, also known as chlorine.

Saltwater pools make their own chlorine, so you don’t have to add any. But you still have to test the water and add the other chemicals necessary for a clean pool. The pH, calcium, and other essential ingredients of a healthy pool still have to be adjusted.

Saltwater systems usually cost more, and equipment needs replacing more often, due to the corrosive nature of salt. But those who love that saltwater feel happily pay for it!

Aqua Pools carries all of the equipment and chemicals you need to set up and enjoy a saltwater sanitation system in your pool, whether a new construction or an existing pool.

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