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Less Screen Time, More Swim Spa Time

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Less Screen Time, More Swim Spa Time

More swim spa time

One big change to come out of the pandemic is that many of us continue to work from home. We spend many hours each day sitting in one place staring at our computer screens. Our kids may be back at school, but the minute they get home, out come those electronic devices. Are you concerned about your family not getting enough fresh air and physical activity? Your swim spa is the perfect solution for everyone to get more exercise and a break from all that screen time. The whole family can unplug together in the swim spa. Keep reading to find out the benefits of less screen time and more swim spa time!

Raise the Fitness Bar for the Whole Family

There are a multitude of choices when it comes to exercising in the swim spa. Your swim spa is designed for cardiovascular health, but is completely customizable. You can easily add in strength training routines and meet your fitness goals. There are many innovative accessories you can use to switch up your workout. Some possibilities are an underwater stationary bike, underwater treadmill, rowing attachments, stretchy bands, and water weights. There will be something to appeal to everyone. Also, you can use your swim spa 9 to 12 months out of the year, regardless of the weather. Spend less time staring at a screen and more time getting fit. 

Do It Together

Sometimes it is more motivating to workout with others. You may not be in the mood, but when you have agreed to participate in an activity with someone else, you are more likely to show up. Step away from the electronics. Put on your favorite play list and do some water aerobics or aquatic dance to warm up. You’ll be rocking out in no time and be glad you made yourself do it. 

Unwind As a Family

Not only is the swim spa a place to do a full body workout, but it is also a place to enjoy all the hydrotherapy benefits you would get from a hot tub. Post workout, or on your rest and recovery days, use the spa portion of your swim spa to sit and relax together. While you unwind with your family, the massage jets will soothe your sore muscles, reduce your stress levels, and improve focus. More and more people are reporting that when their teenagers soak in the spa after a long day at school, they are better able to focus on their homework afterward. Soaking in the swim spa is a much more productive use of time than poring over the latest video game.

Swim Spa Entertainment

Ditch the electronic devices and try conversing with your family instead. There are lots of games one can play in a hot tub or spa, but some of the most entertaining are conversation games that really provide an opportunity to reconnect. We went into more specifics in a previous blog post, but to summarize, spending time in the spa with your family provides a chance to open up and share the things that matter. You may learn more about your spouse, your teens, and your younger kids than you ever thought you could. You won’t even miss your electronics. 

There are so many reasons a swim spa can improve your life. Ramp up your fitness level with a multitude of exercise options, plus enjoy all the benefits a hot tub can provide.  Less screen time, more swim spa time is the way to go. Years from now, that video game or social media post will be long forgotten, but the time spent together in your swim spa will be a treasured memory.

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