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May is National Water Safety Month

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May is National Water Safety Month

Mother and daughter swimming safely in pool water

May is National Water Safety Month! At Aqua Pools, we celebrate all things pools, including water safety. We want you to have the best summer staycation in your backyard, and that’s why we strive to design and construct our award-winning pools. To help ensure that your family has nothing but a good time in your pool, here are some safety tips.

Kids and Pools

Kids love pools! Pools get kids off their screens and provide a fun way to play and exercise out in the sunshine. However, if left unsupervised, kids can, unfortunately, find themselves in dangerous situations in the pool. When playing in the pool with your kids, be sure to:

Properly teach them how to swim as early as possible. Not only is it a vital life skill, teaching your kids how to swim will give you both peace of mind. Every lesson will make playing in the water safer for your kids. Plus, it’s a great way to spend quality time together.

Supervise at all times. Even if you go over safety rules and teach them to swim, kids will always get excited and try something they shouldn’t in a pool. And those with kids know that sometimes accidents just happen. Either jump in the pool with them or set yourself up in a nearby lounge chair — either way, watching your kids play in the pool is not only safe, but it’s fun and relaxing, too!

Establish pool safety rules and adhere to them. Come up with a pool safety list to carefully go over with your kids. A good list to start with is:

    • Walk, don’t run
    • No pushing
    • No breath-holding contests
    • Always enter feet first
    • Do not drink the pool water
    • No dunking anybody underwater

You will probably modify this list with time, but diligently remind your kids about these rules as you supervise them.

General Safety Tips

Safety tips for pools aren’t just for kids; adults need a few, too. When enjoying your pool at home, here are some safety tips to keep in mind:

Don’t drink and swim. While backyard pool parties are fun, drinking alcoholic beverages and swimming at the same time can lead to trouble. Although there’s plenty of media out there that promotes drinking and swimming, it’s better to keep them as separate activities. If you do plan to drink, go for a swim first, and stay hydrated. 

Never swim during bad weather. You should never swim during a storm, especially if there is lightning. If you hear a weather report saying a storm is on the way, be sure to cover your pool and tuck yourself inside. It’s better to swim on sunny days, anyway!

Install a pool fence and automatic cover. If you have little kids and pets, a pool fence is a great way to ensure safety for everyone and give you peace of mind. An automatic cover provides added protection; no one will be able to enter your pool without you knowing. Our Coverstar Automatic Pool Covers are easy to use and strong enough to keep little ones and pets out of the pool.


At Aqua Pools, we want you to enjoy every second in your pool. With these water safety tips, you can spend more time enjoying your pool and less time worrying about it. Learn more about our award-winning custom swimming pools and contact us if you have any questions. Happy National Water Safety Month!

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