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Outdoor Furniture Trends for Summer 2022

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Outdoor Furniture Trends for Summer 2022

outdoor furniture trends summer 2022

Outdoor furniture trends for Summer 2022? That topic may not be on your radar, but perhaps it should be. Our lives have changed considerably in the past couple of years, and that has affected the way in which we use our backyard space. We are spending more time at home and in order to increase our living space, we have moved many of our activities out of doors. If your outdoor living areas have not evolved in a way that makes the most of your space, it may be time to examine some of the current outdoor furniture trends and see if they might work for you. Whether you need a minor refresh or a complete revamp of your outside living areas, Aqua Pools has some wonderful inspiration to help you create spaces that reflect the way you live now.

Create Multifunctional Outdoor Rooms

One of the biggest outdoor furniture trends for Summer 2022 and beyond is the creation of different outdoor rooms. We are gathering more outside, dining and cooking more outside, and are exercising and relaxing more in the fresh air. Some of us are even working remotely from outdoors!

  • The Outdoor Living Room:  The creation of an additional place to gather outdoors has become increasingly appealing as more of our family members are staying home to work, learn, and relax. Rather than climbing the walls while the entire family is under one roof, we can use our extra outside space to gain a bit of separation from indoor activities that are taking place.
  • The Outdoor Kitchen: Outdoor kitchens are gaining popularity. Moving beyond a simple backyard grill setup, outdoor kitchens are also becoming more elaborate. We are seeing a trend towards outdoor kitchens with prep space, sinks, storage, fancier grills, outdoor pizza ovens, and even appliances such as refrigerators. Involving our guests as helpers or as an audience is a new way of entertaining.
  • The Outdoor Dining Room: An outdoor dining area that is adjacent to the outdoor cooking/food prep area is a must. Having a large enough dining table and comfortable seating for diners that is close to where the chef is cooking is a pleasure for everyone.
  • Outdoor Technology: With many people working at home remotely, adding Wi-Fi boosters to facilitate working outside is quite common these days. The installation of sound systems and outdoor TV screens has become a very popular outdoor tech request. Now we can work outside in the fresh air, listen to our favorite tunes, and never miss a nighttime baseball game or Netflix series. 


Add to the Year-Round Accessibility of Your Outside Space

With more of us desiring to make better use of our outdoor space, there is an increasing trend to prolong the months of the year we can comfortably use it. In addition to selecting on-trend outdoor furniture, there are a number of accessories you can add to maximize the time you can enjoy your outside space

  • Shaded structures: Shaded outdoor areas will provide the most comfort from the sun. An outdoor living, dining, or cooking area, for example, is best placed under a solid roof structure, retractable awning, or other shade-providing amenity. 
  • Outdoor heaters: Portable outdoor heaters can add a couple of months to the time you can comfortably be outside in your fabulous outdoor rooms.
  • Fans and misters: During the warmer months of the year, the addition of fans and misters can cool down the air and make things much more comfortable outside. 
  • Outdoor lighting: Fairy lights, hanging lights, lanterns, table lamps, LED lighting and spotlights all not only create nighttime ambiance but provide illumination so that we can perform tasks while we are outside. 


Outdoor Furniture Trends, Styles, and Colors

Now that we have sorted out our outdoor rooms and maximized the months of the year we can use them, we can get down to the nitty-gritty of the outdoor furniture trends for Summer 2022.

  • Continue your interior design aesthetic to the outdoors with similar colors and styles of furniture. You want the eye to move seamlessly from the interior design of your home to the outside. It makes both spaces seem larger.
  • Separate your outdoor rooms with weatherproof rugs and furniture arrangements that define the space. A patterned rug beneath your outdoor living room furniture grouping or dining set creates the illusion that these are separate and distinct outdoor living areas. 
  • Modular seating is a popular option for outdoor sofa sets. Sectional seating that can be easily rearranged can give your patio a different look if you want to change things up.
  • Weatherproof resin wicker is a strong material trend for outdoor furniture groupings. 
  • Deep seating, meaning furniture with thick comfortable cushions, will invite family and guests to linger for conversation and relaxation.
  • Calm colors that are found in nature are a strong outdoor furniture trend. Blue, sage green, grey, taupe, and cream have a strong presence in Summer 2022 decorating. Promote tranquility with a subdued color palette.
  • “Boho” or Bohemian patterns are a very strong trend this summer. Small, busy, ethnic designs on throw pillows, draperies, and upholstery materials are popular. Macrame plant hangers and brass lanterns are accent pieces that further the boho aesthetic. 
  • One of the strongest outdoor furniture trends for 2022 is furniture made from sustainable materials. In particular, furniture made from “poly-lumber” is exceptionally popular. “Poly” wood is a material made from recycled plastic waste such as soda bottles, milk jugs, and detergent containers. It is extremely durable, weatherproof, and fade resistant. Aqua Pools carries the Perfect Choice line of outdoor furniture, which is made from this incredibly durable material. 

Are you inspired to give your outdoor space a new look for the summer? More importantly, are you ready to make better use of your outdoor living area? Create multifunctional outdoor rooms, maximize the length of time you can utilize your patios, and embrace the outdoor furniture trends for Summer 2022. Use some of these great ideas to make your outside space truly work for you this summer and beyond. Aqua Pools has many fabulous on-trend outdoor furniture pieces in stock at our Homer Glen and Worth locations. In addition, we are happy to create custom orders for you. Don’t wait! Let this be the summer you create the backyard of your dreams. 


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