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Perfect Hot Tub Temperature

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Perfect Hot Tub Temperature

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Some like it hot, some do not. Whether you are talking about the weather, a refreshing shower or your hot tub. Everyone has their own definition of hot and their own temperature preference. When it comes to finding the ideal temperature for your hot tub, there are really 3 things to consider; safety, economics and personal preference. Once you find the perfect balance with these three things you will have found the ideal temperature for your hot tub.


Safety should be the number one concern for hot tub owners. Keeping your water temperature at a safe level is just as important as making sure your hot tub cover is in place. The CDC warns against soaking in hot tubs that are over 104 degrees. Water that is too hot can cause a number of problems including dizziness, nausea and lethargy. Because of this warning from the CDC, most new hot tubs have a maximum temperature of 104 degrees. Just because that is the maximum recommendation, does not mean that is the ideal temperature. There are factors like age and health conditions that might make a lower temperature safer for you. Many hot tub users prefer a temperature less than 104 degrees anyway.  


Energy costs are a huge consideration for hot tub owners. Everyone wants to cut costs wherever they can. Water temperature is one place people look to cut costs. The reality is that maintaining a lower water temperature might save you a little bit, but it probably won’t be the main factor in cost savings. Your heating element has to work hard initially to heat the water, but once it has the water at the desired temperature, it really isn’t having to work very hard to maintain that temperature. Although this basic logic works the majority of the time there are a few exceptions. If you are going to be out of town for a long period of time, you could save a little bit of money by lowering your tub temperature. If you live in extremely cold climates, you can save by turning your tub down a few degrees during bouts of extreme cold. Chances are with such cold air temperatures you won’t even notice your hot tub being a few degrees cooler.

Personal Preference

Finally, personal preference is probably the biggest temperature guide for hot tub owners. Afterall, you bought your hot tub for your enjoyment so you want it to be at an ideal temperature. How do you find YOUR ideal temperature? There are some general guides. For example, what is your goal with your soak? Are you wanting an invigorating morning soak to wake you up? You probably want a slightly lower temperature. Needing heat therapy for an aching back? You will probably want the heat on the higher end. If you have tried a few different temperatures, but nothing is feeling quite right, try this. Set your hot tub to 98.6 degrees, average body temperature. Gradually increase your tub temperature until you hit that sweet spot. This is a great method for finding your favorite soaking temperature.

Hot tub temperature is not a one size fits all thing. Take your time, make some adjustments and give several different temperatures a try. You might just be surprised by what YOUR perfect hot tub temperature is.

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