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Create a Personal Backyard Spa Retreat

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Create a Personal Backyard Spa Retreat

A backyard spa retreat with a Marquis hot tub

If you were looking for a spa escape this summer, you might be disappointed by canceled travel plans. What about booking a stay at a luxurious spa resort? Or getting that much-needed massage from head to toe to work out all those kinks in your muscles? Or lounging outside in the sunshine, enveloped by fresh greenery? Well, you can still book a spa treatment, but a little closer to home. How? Create a personal backyard spa retreat! You’ll never need reservations again.

Build a Gorgeous Pergola.

A pergola with a deck is a great way to carve out a spa area in your backyard. They filter in just enough sunlight so the space is never too dark, yet it’s always crisp and shaded. Plus, pergolas are super easy to build and come in a variety of materials, so they’re a great DIY project. All in all, they’re the perfect spot to set up a hot tub! 

Decorate the Pergola with Plants and Outdoor Furniture.

Another great perk about pergolas is the fact that you can surround them with greenery. Plant vines on the pergola to create a garden oasis over time. Wisteria, morning glories or honeysuckle are great choices, as they provide greenery, a calm floral scent, and a dash of color. Or you could even plant grapevines for the seasonal fruit. Add a few small potted palm trees with big glossy leaves to round out the private resort vibe. Complete your personal spa retreat with a beautiful set of patio furniture with comfy cushions and outdoor tables for drinks and food.

Add a Hot Tub to your Backyard!

Place it right under the pergola surrounded by fresh plants and cozy furniture. After a much-needed soak in your spa, plop yourself in one of the chairs, drink some water, and munch on some snacks. With a Marquis® Spa from Aqua Pools, you’ll experience the difference they make in your overall well-being. Their jets are powerful but gentle, designed to deliver the best massage for a healthy hydrotherapy session. They have many additional options to enhance your spa experience, too, like Bluetooth connectivity to play soothing music or your favorite tunes. If you want to create the ultimate personal backyard spa retreat for yourself and your family, make it with a Marquis Spa!


You can have a personal backyard spa retreat right here in Chicagoland! At Aqua Pools, we are professionals at turning your backyard dreams into a reality. Contact us today to see which Marquis Spas we have in stock and how they make a difference at your at-home spa experience.

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