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Pool Opening Checklist for Every Pool Owner

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Pool Opening Checklist for Every Pool Owner

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It’s that time of year we pool owners both look forward to and dread at the same time. We are so excited for pool season to begin again and to spend some time in the sun. On the other hand, we may be a bit anxious about what we will find when we remove that pool cover and have our first look at the situation. Never fear, Aqua Pools has a pool opening checklist for every pool owner and we are happy to share it!

Remove and Clean the Cover

Your first task is to have a look at the pool cover. Remove all the debris you possibly can from the surface. Get a sump pump, a broom, leaf-blower, or whatever you need to remove every leaf, branch, and bit of sludge from the cover. The last thing you want is for any of that stuff to fall into the pool and make your task harder. Once that job is accomplished, you can remove the cover and brush it clean with a weak water and bleach solution. Let it dry completely and store.

Clean the Pool Deck and Reinstall Accessories

While you are at it, use that leaf blower and broom to thoroughly clean your pool deck. Again, you don’t want a lot of built-up winter debris to get into your pool water. Once the deck is clean, you can go ahead and re-install any ladders, railings, diving boards or other accessories that you removed for the winter.

Check and Clean Equipment

Be sure your skimmer, filter, pump, heater, lights, drains are clean of any winter debris. Make sure your water level is up to mid-skimmer level. Start your system up and see that all is working properly. Give special attention to the skimmer. Your filter is going to be working extra hard to rid the water of the debris. Get any larger pieces out and it will be able to do its job better. Vacuum the pool to remove any debris from the pool floor.

Add Chemicals and Run the Filter

You will want to run your pool filter 24/7 for a few days. It may be tempting to add your chemicals all at once, but it is preferable to add them one at a time over a few days. Add the shock the first day, the clarifier the second day, then the stain remover, and lastly algaecide. While the pool filter runs continuously, those chemicals will be well dispersed and have a chance to do their magic.

Keep Checking on Things

While your filter and chemicals are working, you will still want to keep an eye on how things are progressing. You may find that more vacuuming is necessary to remove any more particles that may have settled on the pool floor. Test your chemical levels again and make sure all is balanced. When your pool is crystal clear you know you are ready to enjoy it for the season!

Following our pool opening checklist for every pool owner will make your task a breeze. We advise that you purchase all your pool opening chemicals in advance so you will be all set when the day comes to begin your pool opening process. However keep in mind that if you still feel that it is a daunting task, you can call in the professionals at Aqua Pools to do the job for you. Whichever you decide we are here for you with products, advice, and service. Contact us today!

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