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Pool Owner's Guide to Utility Conservation

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Pool Owner’s Guide to Utility Conservation


All of the fun that you have splashing and playing in the pool quickly vanishes when you open the utility bill of an inefficient pool. That doesn’t have to be the case. Energy efficiency has come a long way in recent years. With a little forethought and the right products, you can reduce your utility bill. You will also sleep better knowing that you are doing your part to help the environment.


Energy Usage


One of the biggest energy consumers in your house is probably your pool pump. Next to your air conditioner, it costs you the most. Switching your pump to one that is highly energy-efficient, like the Tristar Variable speed pump from Hayward, can save you up to 90% on energy costs when compared to a single-speed pump. Not only will a variable speed pump save on energy costs, but it will also make your pool maintenance so much easier.


No one likes swimming in cold pool water, so a heater is a must. Unfortunately, your heater is another big expense when it comes to your pool. Choosing an energy-efficient heater will ensure that your costs stay low. Hayward offers several heaters that fit the bill including their Universal H series heater.


Although they aren’t as significant of savings, there are several smaller things you can do to save the environment and save on costs. For example, switching to LED lights in your pool is a much more energy-efficient choice. Energy-efficient robotic cleaners and large capacity cartridge filters can all make a positive impact on your bill and the environment.


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Water Usage

Water usage is another problem for environmentally conscious pool owners. You don’t feel the effects of water usage in your utility bill as much as you do electrical expenses, but the guilt of wasted water still weighs on you.


Watch for leaks. Sure you know that water coming from a pipe or connection is a problem, but your pool could be leaking in other areas you aren’t aware of. Watch for things like constantly wet ground, especially downstream from your pool. Check out things like loose tiles, cracks or gaps in your bond beam. These can all be indicators of a leak somewhere in your pool.


Evaporation is a major source of water loss when it comes to pools. Keeping your water temperature lower and consistently using a cover significantly reduces the amount of evaporation from your pool. An automatic pool cover is an easy way to make sure your pool stays covered which also helps reduce chemical usage, which is another way you can do your part to help the environment.


No one wants to be the splash police, but splashing is a big reason you are losing water. Rather than making your pool a no-splash zone, consider lowering the water level in your pool. When the water level is lower, your guests can move around more without constantly splashing water out of the pool.


These are all simple things that you can do to cut costs and help the environment. Whether you are upgrading an existing pool to be more energy-efficient or you are planning for energy efficiency right from the start, we can help. At Aqua Pools we carry a complete line of energy-efficient Hayward products. We would be happy to help you cut your energy costs by up to 90% with the right products. Come see us.

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