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SR Smith Slides


Turbo Twister

Turn your backyard pool into a thrilling water park with the TurboTwister water slide! Feel the rush of water cascading along with you, as you dip and curve your way to the inevitable SPLASH at the bottom and watch your kids’ eyes come alive with energy and enthusiasm! Featuring sturdy molded-in handrailing and an enclosed ladder, it’s as safe and secure as it is FUN!

Turbo Twister Slide

helix on pool sm


360 degrees of full-fledged fun, the heliX takes you right round, baby, right round, featuring other amazing effects, like its own fountain! Designed with a completely roto-molded construction, this pool slide delivers amazing strength for years of family enjoyment. Like our TurboTwister, the heliX has an enclosed ladder and molded handrails, meaning it won’t ever come apart when your kids are climbing, sliding, and splashing around. Plus, fewer parts makes assembly fast and easy!

Helix Slide



Does a little daredevil DNA run in your family? The Typhoon pool slide may be the perfect option for you! This full-sized slide stands a full 7’4” tall when measured to the top of the handrails. Available in both sandstone and gray granite, the Typhoon is rotomolded, meaning it is one solid piece, including the ladder and handrails. This makes assembly easier, but more importantly, it means a greater measure of safety as you and your kids climb bravely to the top and take the daring plunge to the pool below! The unique Grand Rapids water delivery system delivers a thrilling rush of water to this amazingly fun ride!

Typhoon Slide

bigride taupe high res


Do you love how water parks create super-fun pool slides, while making them look like almost natural editions to the landscaping? That’s what the BigRide offers your backyard pool. Featuring an extra-long runway and a cascade of water to escort your ride down, the BigRide provides the thrills, without the risks. Safety was a top priority in this design, and this pool slide fully complies with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Safety Standard for Swimming Pool Slides.

BigRide Slide Brochure

Inter-Fab Slides



Jam-packed with entertaining features, the Adrenaline slide is a full 7’ tall, making it the tallest Inter-Fab pool slide in its class. Featuring an exciting 16’8” runway length, along with a tantalizing Pre-Launch Splash Zone, riders truly get the feel of a real-life water park. Don’t miss out on the hours and hours of fun your family can have on the Adrenaline, available in both left and right turn configurations.

Adrenaline Brochure


G-Force 2

360 degrees of AWESOME, the G-Force 2 slide brings all the joy and excitement of the water park right home to your backyard. The G-Force 2 features the Zoom Flume, the absolute best water delivery system in the industry. Simply put, the G-Force 2 is as good as it gets when it comes to backyard pool slides!

G-Force 2 Brochure

x stream

X-Stream 2

If one swooping turn on a pool slide is fun, why not go for TWO? The X-Stream 2 delivers an exciting 2-punch of double turns on the way down. Better yet, it features the Zoom Flume water delivery system, which delivers tons of water to SWOOSH up your thrill of a ride! High banks, high splash at the bottom — what’s

X-Stream 2 Brochure

Latham Liner Visualizer

Aqua Pools Online is proud to showcase the Latham Liner Visualizer by Latham Pools.  Now you can visualize an assortment of vinyl liners for your swimming pool.

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