Considering a vinyl liner pool? There are many reasons to. First, it’s one of the least expensive ways to get an in-ground pool. But affordability isn’t the only reason why customers frequently opt for vinyl. Vinyl liner pools are surprisingly customizable. When you see stunningly unique pool shapes and designs, you’re almost always seeing a vinyl liner pool.

In 1978, Aqua Pools got their start building vinyl liner pools. At first, these were basic sizes and shapes, built with galvanized steel walls. But they were impressively more affordable than the “shotcrete” or concrete pools. Over time, it became clear that the price tag wasn’t the only huge draw for vinyl liner pools. The real selling point was the versatility in design and customization. With a vinyl pool, you can create custom shapes, either to fulfill your own vision or to accommodate size or layout issues in your backyard.

For instance, say your backyard drops steeply, or there are unmovable structures in the way, such as a septic tank or fence. With a vinyl pool, you and our designers can find a shape and size that works perfectly in your yard. Or, you might just dream of a pool that’s shaped like a guitar — or a cat. Vinyl pools give you this flexibility.

Since those early days, Aqua Pools has greatly expanded the options our customers have when choosing a vinyl liner pool. You can still opt for a tried-and-true galvanized steel wall construction, but you can also choose structural foam (polymer) and powder coated steel walls. These choices further expand your ability to customize your pool, including the use of popular salt water pool care systems. If you can dream up a pool shape or size, we can make it a reality.

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 Steel Walls

Latham manufactures their steel wall panels with corrosion-resistant steel for unparalleled strength and durability. When combined with a 5-inch flange top and bottom, there isn’t a stronger steel panel available in the marketplace. We’re so confident in the strength of these Latham pools that we offer a one-time transferable lifetime warranty on the pool wall structure. Latham follows up that strong galvanized steel with some of the most innovative designs available, meaning you never have to sacrifice quality for a gorgeous modern look.


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Polymer Walls

Saltwater pool systems are gaining in popularity, driving the growing interest in graphex walls. These walls and braces are constructed of all-resin structural polymer that won’t ever rust, oxidize, or degrade. Aqua Pools uses only graphex panels by Pacific Pools. Though there are many imitation products around, the graphex panel and brace system by Pacific Pools is the only one on the market with more than 50 years experience. Their groundbreaking systems, the Mate-Lock and Panel-Lok, assure proper alignment of the wall panela, adding impressive strength along the wall panel joints.


How strong are Aqua Pools’ in-ground vinyl liner pools? We use the same technologies that go into building bridges, skyscrapers like the John Hancock building, and water towers. These designs actually perform better under high-stress situations, like holding 20,000 gallons of water.


Economical to Install

Vinyl liner pools require less labor than constructing concrete or ‘shotcrete’ pools, making them cheaper to install. Aqua Pools uses prefabricated materials to simplify the construction process, making vinyl liner pools cheaper, easier, and faster to build than shotcrete or concrete pools.


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Interior Finish

Our manufacturers offer a divine variety of liner patterns, including a hearty array of colors and tile motifs. If you have a knack for design, you can create precisely the look you want. If you aren’t much of a designer, our team of experts can help you choose a liner pattern that delivers the look and style you enjoy most.

What design options are most popular among our customers? We build many pools that resemble a deep, blue lagoon. Others mirror the bright blue sky. The use of patterns, pool shape, and lighting allow you to create an almost limitless selection of pool designs. Choose a decorative-looking accent tile to create a luxurious look for a fraction of the cost of actual tile. Or, opt for a solid-color liner that looks amazingly natural in the environment.


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Whatever style you prefer, your liner is installed in a single piece, custom fit to your pool design, to create a watertight seal with no seams for a smooth, elegant finish. The Ultra-Seam process produces a floor seam that is not only stronger, it’s virtually invisible. Pool liner seams are unsightly, but the Ultra-Seam process eliminates anything that detracts from the beauty of your pool.

It’s All About Options!

With a vinyl liner pool and the pros at Aqua Pools, whatever you can dream up, we can make it happen. We can show you some of our other unique designs, like the vanishing edge pool, that seems to flow seamlessly into a nearby body of water. Or our tanning ledges, that provide a shallow spot for sunning or relaxing. Our customers also love the automatic pool covers that make their backyard haven a safe place, even if children or pets wander into the backyard without supervision.

A vinyl pool removes the barriers of design, allowing you an open-ended easel for creativity and style.