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Preparing Your Swimming Pool for Spring Storms

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Preparing Your Swimming Pool for Spring Storms

prepare your pool for spring storms

“What?” you say. “I’ve barely begun to think about warmer days and spending time in the backyard enjoying the pool. It hardly seems fair to taint that image with the idea of a big spring storm.” We totally understand, but we think it makes a lot of sense to be prepared with a plan in advance. Those big spring rainstorms will come, and we want you to be ready so their impact on you, your pool, and pool equipment is as minimal as possible. So, let’s talk about preparing your swimming pool for spring storms. 

Do Not Drain the Pool

It’s important not to drain your pool. Here’s why. The water in the pool actually holds it in place in the ground. During a really severe storm, an empty pool can actually lift up out of its position in the ground, particularly if it is on top of a water table. This causes serious damage to the pool’s foundation. Make sure to keep the water in your pool to help protect it during spring storms.

Don’t Cover the Pool

You might think that covering the pool will keep storm debris out of the water and therefore make clean-up easier. It turns out, covering your pool is not a good idea. Strong winds have been known to lift up a pool cover and blow it right off. It could fly into a neighbor’s yard, or even into your own home, causing damage to windows and other structures. It can also gain holes or tears if large debris such as large limbs fall and damage it. In addition, it is more of a bother to clean debris and standing water off of a pool cover than it is to skim off debris from the pool itself.

Turn Off Electrical Power and Gas Lines

Always turn off your electrical power at the circuit breaker and the gas at its shut-off valve. A very strong storm could cause a gas leak. We turn off the electrical power to prevent the pump, heater, lighting, and other equipment from operating during the storm. If possible, cover all electrical equipment with a plastic tarp or other protective material.

Store Away All Loose Objects

Put all deck furniture, chaise lounges, pool toys, umbrellas, grills, and other loose objects away, out of the weather. You do not want anything blowing into the pool or your house and causing damage in high winds. Do not store any objects in the pool itself. If you don’t have room in a garage or outside building, stack everything up next to the house or other protected wall and cover securely with a tarp. 

Balance Your Pool Chemicals Before the Storm

You may wonder at this instruction, but it does make sense. You will make your post-storm clean-up all the easier if your pool water goes into it properly balanced. For good measure, shock the pool as well. Pool shock will kill off algae and other contaminants that the storm blows in. 

Pool Supplies to Have on Hand

After the storm has passed, you will need to have some supplies on hand for clean-up. You will need to balance your pool water and add chemicals as needed. Be sure you are well stocked with:

  • Chlorine or another sanitizer
  • Pool shock
  • Calcium increaser
  • Alkalinity products
  • Cyanuric acid
  • Algaecide

Even though inclement spring weather may seem far away right now, we want you to be on top of preparing your swimming pool for spring storms. We hope this gives you a basic checklist of what you may need to pay attention to. Aqua Pools is your number one resource for pool supplies and chemicals in the Chicagoland area. Our expert staff is also on hand to answer all your questions. Finally, if you have doubts about your water quality, you can bring in a sample and we will test it for you and make any necessary recommendations. You’ll be all set for whatever storms come your way this spring.


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