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Prepping Your Hot Tub for the Cold Season

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Prepping Your Hot Tub for the Cold Season

Prepping your hot tub for the cold season

There are two kinds of people in the world, as Grandpa used to say: people who love to use their hot tub during the winter season, and those who don’t. Which are you? If you enjoy experiencing the therapeutic benefits of your spa when the temperatures dip, we have some tips for prepping your hot tub for the cold season. If, on the other hand, using your spa in winter is the last thing you have on your mind, we can help with that as well. The bottom line is, no matter which camp you find yourself in, some preparation is required. Read on for more information!


Using your hot tub in winter?

  • Check your equipment 

Look for any leaks and to be sure the pump and other components are working as they should. Clean the filter and flush your plumbing lines according to your manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Turn on the No Freeze mode

If you plan to use your hot tub during the winter months, the first step is to turn on its “No Freeze” mode. This will keep your hot tub warm when temperatures dip and prevent it from freezing. 

  • Cover it up

Inspect your hot tub cover for damage, and replace it if necessary. A well-fitting, good-quality hot tub cover will do more to protect your spa from freeze damage than just about anything. The money you put into a great cover will pay itself back over time with energy savings, lower heating bills, and the prolonged life of your hot tub. Put the cover on and keep it there. 

Keep your hot tub full; keep the temperature set to 102 degrees, and check your chemical balance regularly. 

If you pay attention to these aspects, your hot tub will be ready for you to use on those cold winter days. The warm bubbling waters will soothe your aching muscles, help you sleep better, and provide opportunities to socialize.


Not using your hot tub in winter?

In this case, preventing freezing is your main goal. Dig out your owner’s manual for instructions specific to your hot tub model. These are the basic steps:

  • Drain the water from the hot tub

Turn off the circuit breaker and drain the spa. Dry any remaining water off the floor.

  • Get rid of excess water in plumbing lines

Check your owner’s manual for instructions. You will need to blow water from the lines and jet fittings. 

  • Remove the filter and dry it out well.
  • Turn off and unplug your hot tub.
  • Secure your hard cover.

Winter storms can be damaging. For extra protection, use a tarp or soft cover over the hardcover.


Whether you plan to use your hot tub during the winter months or not, some preparation will be necessary to get it ready for colder temperatures. Whichever you choose, the steps are not difficult. However, if you have any doubts about your inclination or ability to prep your hot tub for the cold season, don’t hesitate to call the pros at Aqua Pools for this service.


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