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Doughboy Chemical Maintenance

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Doughboy Chemical Maintenance


Our New Doughboy Maintenance Kit Contains:

1 Quart Micro Clear

  • Polymeric Clarifier
  • Cures cloudy water
  • Removes ultra fine particles
  • Removes color
  • Improves filter efficiency
  • Recommended for pool openings
  • One ounce treats 5,000 Gallons

1 Quart Top Rail Cleaner & Polish

  • Highly Concentrated Solution
  • For Metal and Resin Frames

1 Quart Tile & Vinyl Cleaner

A concentrated cleaning solution containing grease and oil emulsifiers, designed specifically for removal of oil, grease, and soaps and restores original sheen to pool surfaces.

1 Quart Super Metal Remover

  • Highly Concentrated
  • Removes iron, copper, manganese and other metals from pool water.
  • Removes metal stains and restores clarity.
  • Reduces scale formation on pumps & heaters.
  • Metal Removal:1 qt. treats 10,000 gallons.
  • Stain Removal: 2 qts. treats 10,000 gallons.
  • Maintenance Dose: 4 oz. per 1,000 gallons

1 Quart Pool Recovery

  • A combination of our Phosphate Remover, Natural Enzymes, and Clarifier, designed to make pool maintenance EASY!
  • Pool Recovery keeps your pool water clear, while being the most efficient formula to lower and eliminate phosphates FAST.
  • 1 oz./125 ppb. 2oz /0-500ppb, 4 oz. / 500ppb, 8 oz /1,000ppb, 16oz /2,000ppb, and 32oz. /4,000ppb.

1 Quart Filter Soak

A concentrated cleaning solution containing grease and oil emulsifiers. Designed specifically to remove oils, grease and soaps restoring filter to original condition. Routine cleaning of your filter improves efficiency by reducing pump electricity costs and will decrease the potential for bacterial growth. Use full strength on elements and brush clean, or soak elements in a solution of 1 part Filter Soak to 10 parts water. For filters up to 24” diameter tanks, use 16 oz. For filters with greater than 24” diameter tanks, use 32 oz.



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