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King Technology - FROG Serene Bromine Replacement Cartridge 01-14-3824

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King Technology – FROG Serene Bromine Replacement Cartridge 01-14-3824


King Technology 01-14-3824 FROG Bromine Cartridges for Serene Floating Systems that work great for sanitizing hot tubs and spas.

  • Cuts Bromine use up to 50%
  • Cuts down on maintenance time
  • Water feels softer with a crystal clear shine
  • Works in any spa without special equipment needed
FROG Serene Bromine Cartridges (formerly Spa FROG) are for use in the FROG Serene Floating Systems, in which pre-filled mineral and bromine cartridges combine in a floating dispenser to give any spa or hot tub crystal clear water with a silky feel. FROG Serene Mineral Cartridges snap easily into a reusable floating holder and when used in combination with the FROG bromine cartridge, reduces the need for bromine by up to 50%. FROG Serene Mineral Cartridges last an average of four months.
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