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Setting Your Swim Spa Up For Success

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Setting Your Swim Spa Up For Success

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Are you considering getting a swim spa? You are not alone. More and more people are opting to get a swim spa these days. You just can’t beat an extended swimming season, the space-saving design, and of course the AWESOME fitness benefits that come with having an ATV ™ swim spa in your backyard. Now that your swim spa has moved from your wish list to your reality, what do you need to know about setting your swim spa up for success? 

Where To Put It?

As mentioned, one of the benefits of a swim spa over a pool is that it does not take up as much space. So, how big are they? A swim spa is typically around 8 feet wide and from 10-18 feet long. You will need at least three feet of space surrounding it for clearance. Obviously, you need ample room for users to get in and out, but you also must consider workable space for maintenance. Swim spas come with equipment that needs to be accessed (control panel, valves, pump, drain hoses). Take note of where they are located, and make sure there is ample access space to get to these components. 

Consider Your Foundation

The base upon which you set up your swim spa is extremely important. A professionally installed concrete pad, reinforced deck, or a product such as EZ pads serve well for this job. The underlying surface must be completely level and well compacted to prevent any damage from ground settling. Once you have your solid, level surface set up you are ready for your installation.

How Will It Get Into My Backyard?

Think about how your swim spa will get from the delivery vehicle into your backyard. Is there a steep grade, fencing, or trees that impede access? A construction crane will likely be used to lift and position the swim spa. Also, your street will need to be big enough to accommodate one or more large trucks involved in the delivery. Try to give your neighbors a heads up if they tend to park in the street. 

Electrical Connections

It is advised that you have a licensed electrician evaluate your set up and make sure you have the proper electrical connections to operate your swim spa. It is a possibility that you may need to have a breaker installed. A professional will be aware of all the national, regional, and local codes required.

Once you have decided that a swim spa is the right choice for you and your family, all you need to do is a bit of planning. First, decide upon the proper location for it, then have a solid supporting base prepared. Next, make sure you have enough space around the swim spa for easy access and maintenance. Finally, arrange for the delivery and electrical connections. If you follow these simple suggestions for setting your swim spa up for success, you could be enjoying your new swim spa within hours of it being installed!

Are you ready to set up your swim spa for success? Aqua Pools can help you with your swim spa purchase from start to finish! We are proud to carry a selection of ATV ™ swim spas by the legendary Marquis® and can advise which model will best suit your needs and provide a professional installation for you. Contact our expert staff for more information today!

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