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Should I Install a Deck Around My Swim Spa?

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Should I Install a Deck Around My Swim Spa?

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Swim spas have become increasingly attractive to homeowners in the past few years. Perfect for those with a small yard, they are less expensive to install than a pool, are easy to maintain, and are less costly to operate than a full-sized pool. Best of all, swim spas provide some great year-round exercise options that could save owners on expensive gym memberships. If you have a swim spa or are thinking of getting one, you may be considering its placement. You are possibly questioning the aesthetics of just plopping it in the middle of the yard or sticking it on the side of the house. We would like to suggest making your swim spa more accessible, visually appealing, and functional by installing a deck around it.  


Building a Raised Deck Around Your Swim Spa

Make your swim spa more than just a place to exercise. Feature it prominently as a focal point in your backyard landscape by building a deck around it.  There are many reasons this is a great idea.

  • Surrounding your swim spa with decking makes it a perfect place for entertaining friends and using it for a relaxing soak. 
  • Place some stylish seating around the swim spa and it becomes a destination point in your yard. Furthermore, the area is now a more comfortable spot for parents to sit and relax while keeping a close eye on the kids as they use it. 
  • Add a shady umbrella, a table for drinks and some pots filled with colorful flowers and you have a visual treat that draws the eye and beckons you in. 


Extend Your Existing Deck to Your Swim Spa

Having your swim spa conveniently located near the house is a big plus for many people. Being able to step out the door and be right at the swim spa for a relaxing winter soak or morning exercise session is pretty nice. Primarily due to the weight of the swim spa it can’t typically just be placed on an existing deck without considerable reinforcement. However, without having to go to the trouble and expense of reinforcing your deck, you can simply extend the decking out to meet your adjacent swim spa. Consider a multi-level design that incorporates a few steps down to the level of the swim spa, then spreads out to accommodate comfortable seating and cheerful flower boxes.



However you decide to design your swim spa’s decking, you will want to be sure to allow ample space for servicing. All swim spas come with an access panel that houses all the controls to the swim spa, as well as its main components: pump, heater, etc. Clearly, a service technician will need to conveniently get to all these important features of your swim spa. Make sure that there is a trap door or a removable panel that can easily be moved aside when it is time for service. In addition, plan ahead for any needed space for an automatic cover to retract, and for a maintenance person to get to all sides of the swim spa when cleaning. 


Should you install a deck around your swim spa? We think decking adds a wonderful element of style, convenience, and visual interest to your swim spa. It makes your swim spa look like the planned recreational, entertainment, and relaxing oasis you have always dreamed of. Aqua Pools is proud to carry Marquis ATV swim spas. Our professionals are on hand to answer all your swim spa-related questions and provide all your needed supplies. 

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