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Should You Share Your Hot Tub With Your Dog?

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Should You Share Your Hot Tub With Your Dog?

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It goes without saying that we love our dogs. Many of us take them everywhere and enjoy sharing our experiences with them. We want to give them adventures to make their lives more rewarding. They are our furry companions, and we want them to live their best life. Our dogs want to do everything we do. But should we be sharing everything with Rover? We’ve all seen those cute pictures on Pinterest of a dog kicking back in the hot tub. How fun, right? Or is it? Should you share your hot tub with your dog? It turns out it is a really bad idea for many reasons

Dogs Don’t Sweat

Humans can regulate their body temperature by sweating. When we get overheated, our sweat glands kick in, and our sweat cools our core temperature down. Dogs don’t sweat the way we do. Their primary cooling mechanism is panting, which circulates air through their bodies for a cooling effect. The effort to cool down while immersed in a hot tub is akin to torture for a dog.

It’s Too Darn Hot!

The temperature of the water in a hot tub is way too hot for our furry companions. Our body temperature runs about 98.6, whereas a dog is quite a bit hotter on average at 101.5 degrees Fahrenheit. If a dog stays in a 102-104 degree hot tub for any length of time,  it can cause dehydration, overheating, and even damage to their internal organs. A dog can quickly overheat in a hot tub.

Let Me Out!

The space in a hot tub is too confining for a dog. A water-loving dog might enjoy a brief cool dip in the big pool where he can spread out, but the small area of the hot tub will cause most dogs to want to get out immediately. Some dogs enjoy making a cozy den for resting, but the hot tub is a far cry from that environment. Many dogs panic at being confined in a small space.

Chemical Overload

Chlorine-based chemicals can dry out a dog’s skin and even cause hair loss. A chemical balance that works for humans may not be healthy for canines. Also, if a dog manages to ingest too much chlorine, it can be poisonous.

The Claws That Catch

Remember the Lewis Carrol poem “Beware the Jabberwok, My Son! The claws that catch, the jaws that bite”? Trust us when we tell you that a dog’s claws are not beneficial to the surfaces in your hot tub. Their claws can scratch the tub’s surface, mar the stainless steel of the jets, and damage the plastic coverings of the lights. So keep your “frumious Bandersnatch” out of the hot tub!

Eew, Gross

Another excellent reason to keep your dog out of the hot tub is that the substances on their bodies aren’t good for us or our hot tub. If you think excess sunscreen is an issue for your hot tub, just think about flea meds and tick shampoo dissolving into the water you are sharing with your pet. To say nothing of whatever else they have been rolling around in. Ick.

Hair Ball

It’s a fact of life; most dogs shed a lot of hair. And if you take your dog into the hot tub with you, that hair is going to come off and make your filter do extra duty. That is definitely a mess you don’t want to deal with.

Dogs Aren’t People

As much as we enjoy having our pets share everything with us, we have to draw the line at them joining us in the hot tub. We find the experience relaxing, but it is not at all the same for our dog. Dogs aren’t people, no matter how much we would like to believe that they are. There are many answers to the question, “Should you share your hot tub with your dog”? And all of them are NO.

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