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Stay Fit after 50 with a Swim Spa

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Stay Fit after 50 with a Swim Spa

Older male athlete stays fit after 50 with a swim spa

As we get older, staying fit becomes a bit more challenging, but it’s certainly not impossible. While stiff joints and back problems are more prominent as we age, an active lifestyle is the best way to keep that at bay. We once wrote about how to stay limber after 50 with regular hot tub use, and everything we cover there still applies, especially if your main focus is to stay flexible as you age. However, if you’re looking for more — fitness, not just flexibility — we have a solution. Stay fit after 50 with a swim spa!

Why a Swim Spa?

Swim spas provide excellent resistance swimming but the water makes it low impact, which means no more stiff joints after a hearty workout! 

With temperature control and full-foam insulation, you can exercise in your swim spa all year long. This is especially useful in Chicagoland, where snow and cold weather prevent swimming or driving to the gym. Just turn up the heat in winter then turn it back down for summer. You’ll never miss a swim or gym day again, no matter the weather.

Swimming is a full-body workout, but there’s also a variety of accessories available to make your exercise routine different each time you hop in. From the Aqua Aerobic Step™ to aqua bikes and rowing kits, you have plenty of options to customize your workout routine. 

Not only is a swim spa a great choice because it provides effective but low-impact exercises, but it’s perfect for hydrotherapy, as well.

First, you Swim … and then you Spa.

One of the best features of a swim spa is that it’s more than just a pool. After a rigorous morning workout, you can switch to hydrotherapy for a relaxing end to your evening. And if it’s a rest and recovery day for you, use it for just that; to rest and recover in a soothing jetted spa seat. The jets provide the perfect full-body massage to help prevent muscle soreness. To stay limber and pain-free, workout recovery is a big deal. Stretch, relax, and unwind … then pick up where you left off in your exercise routine the next day. 

If you’d like to stay fit after 50 with a swim spa, check out our Marquis ATV swim spas! They offer everything you need, from low-impact exercise and resistance training to hydrotherapy jets to aid in workout recovery. Contact Aqua Pools to learn more about our Marquis ATV swim spas today!

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