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ATV-17 KONA Hot Tub

ATV-17 KONA by Marquis ATV

26 therapy jets 6 Whitewater-4 jets; 2 Buoyancy jets;

The "Big Dog" of the ATV line, the Kona-17 delivers 39% more powerful flow than similarly-classed swim spas. Includes total access to a library of videos and workouts by 6-time Ironman champ, Dave Scott.

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Product Specifications

Size: 204in x 89.5in x 61in
Weight dry/full: 3,060lbs / 22,450lbs
Water depth: 53 in
Ozonator: Corona discharge
Therapy seats: 1 full depth, 1 cool down
Filtration: 2 - 90 square foot filters
Synthetic exterior: Espresso or Ash
Interior: Ocean Blue, Sky Blue, or Frost White
Water capacity: 2400 gal
Electrical: 240V, 60 hz, 50 amp
Control panel: Easy access interior facing • Side located
Skimmers: Integrated cover/LED lit
Insulation: Full foam
Swim tether kit: Included
ATV-17 KONA Hot Tub
ATV-17 KONA Options
Audio system Bluetooth, subwoofer, 4 surface speakers
Audio options Audio port, floating remote
Interior lighting 22-point LED light system
Water feature 12-point fountains w/LED lights
Rowing system Resistance & Rowing Kit
ATV steps Espresso or Ash
Exercise step Removable Aqua Aerobic Step™
Cover lifts 2 Cover Mate 1 lift w/extended arms
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi equipped

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