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The 4 Trendiest Pool Floats This Year

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The 4 Trendiest Pool Floats This Year

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Summer is here and your Instagram and Facebook feeds are about to be taken over. Pictures of all your friends enjoying their inground pools while perched atop perfect pool floats will be found with every scroll.

The iconic pool float has taken on a life of its own over the last few summers and things are only getting better for the 2019 pool season. Check out our top list of the trendiest pool floats for this summer. You can be sure that your summer lounging is picture worthy.

Food Floats

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Floating donuts, slices of pizza, over-sized french fries; these are the things dreams are made of. So it is not surprising that these things also top the list of hot pool floats for 2019. Foodies everywhere have taken your favorite foods to a whole new level with their Instagram pictures. Naturally, those fun food images segway perfectly into epic pool floats. But let’s be honest, does it get more fun than floating on a giant version of your favorite food? From hot dogs to cupcakes and everything in between, food floats are a must for 2019.

Animal Floats

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Looking for something a little more whimsical? How about a magical unicorn or graceful swan? Animal floats are on point this summer. The more whimsical the better. If you are looking to score big on Instagram, snapping a selfie atop your llamacorn pool float is definitely the way to go. Because animal floats are so popular, there is no doubt that you will be able to find an inflatable version of your favorite animal to float away on this year.


Classic Floats

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Although the pool float aisle is literally overflowing with food and animal shaped floats, the classic pool float can’t be overlooked. A traditional ring or raft can be a fun throwback. You can also find these great classics in an updated form. New twists on an old favorite make these classic floats hot for 2019!

Over-sized floats

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One of the “biggest” trends in pool floats is the over-sized float. Gone are the days of floating alone. Enter the days of floating with friends. The bigger the float the more friends you can fit, so giant over-sized floats are all the rage. These humongous floats aren’t just for groups, nothing is more regal than floating alone, luxuriously laying smack dab in the middle of the largest pool float you can find.


Whether you like food or animals, classics or giants, with this list, you can be sure that your pool float is on point this summer. Pick the category that speaks to your unique style and personality. After all, everything these days is about originality and personality. We love it! That is why we specialize in custom pools that perfectly capture the uniqueness of our customers. From your choice of pool float to a custom pool come see us at Aqua Pools, we would love to help you express yourself.

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