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The Lesser Known Benefits of Hydrotherapy

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The Lesser Known Benefits of Hydrotherapy

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There are many benefits of hydrotherapy. Warm water is a natural way to help you achieve health, wellness, and fitness goals. Most people know that relaxing in warm water can soothe those pesky aches and pains. However, there are other benefits you may not know about.

Weight Loss

For example, did you know that hydrotherapy can help you lose weight? That’s right! A soothing soak can help raise your metabolism. The warm water jets stimulate the lymphatic system which releases toxins from your body, as a result, helping you stay healthy and detoxifying your body. Each of these things can help you shed a few pounds.


For the athlete, weekend warrior, or someone who wants to begin a fitness journey, water can play an important role. When you exercise in a warm water pool such as a swim spa, the buoyancy helps you workout harder and for longer periods of time than you could on land. Additionally, the water promotes circulation and allows your muscles to stretch. Minimize the jarring effect on bones and muscles by exercising in warm water. An exercise regimen using hydrotherapy improves balance and coordination. Exercise in the comfort of a swim spa to achieve these results.

Just Relax

Another benefit of hydrotherapy is its relaxing quality. Relaxation reduces stress and increases serotonin, the feel-good chemical in the brain. This, in turn, naturally reduces blood pressure, improves mood, helps you sleep better, and fights depression. Relaxation improves your body’s immune system, keeping you healthy.

So, why not experience these great benefits of hydrotherapy for yourself with a beautiful new hot tub or swim spa in your backyard? Browse our selection online or visit our showroom in Worth or Homer Glen to choose the one that is right for you. Try out a test soak in our showroom today!

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