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The Perfect Pool Company has 5 Essential Ingredients

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The Perfect Pool Company has 5 Essential Ingredients

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Baking is an art and finding the perfect pool company isn’t much different. Anyone can throw ingredients together and produce a “cookie”. The product may look like a cookie, but when you bite into it you are not fooled. The ingredients that they used were not what the cookie needed! Other people take special care to carefully select the perfect ingredients for their cookie and the result is perfection!

A pool company is no different. There are plenty of places that throw things together and call themselves a pool company, but when their customers get well into the process they realize that the company is definitely NOT the pool company they were looking for.

We want to save you the headache of a bad pool company, by giving you the 5 essential ingredients for the perfect pool company. When you know what to look for at the beginning you know that the end product will be perfection.

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This is probably the most important ingredient of a perfect pool company because all other things will crumble if this one isn’t there. A good pool company will have no problem with you checking up on them. If their customers are happy, the company will WANT you to talk to them.  Get references and follow up with them. Don’t just go with what you read online. All of the information on the internet is NOT true. Companies can manipulate reviews and only post the good ones. You can be sure that a company that gets glowing customer reviews has all of the other ingredients they need.


Make sure they have a license. Pool companies are contractors. When they build your pool they are starting a building project and they need to have a license to do it. They also need to get permits. Make sure that the company you choose is licensed. Don’t just take their word for it, anyone can say that they have a license. This one is important, you could get fined if you neglect to check this important ingredient.


The perfect pool company for you is a local pool company. There are plenty of perfect pool companies across America, but choosing a company that is far away, even if you can get them to do the work, will become a hassle. The perfect pool company is around when you need them. They make quick service calls. They can answer your questions when you stop by, they are full service for the entire life of your pool. If you are dealing with a company that isn’t local, they may be a perfect pool company, but they aren’t going to be perfect for YOU! The one exception to this would be if none of your local pool companies are great.

High Quality

You want a company whose main focus is quality. These companies probably won’t be the fastest. They definitely won’t be the cheapest and chances are you might have to wait a while until they are able to do your project. That generally means you are getting a quality pool and THAT is what you really want. If the pool company has a great reputation and hundreds of people want them to do their pool project, it isn’t because they do crummy work. It is because they are going the extra mile to make sure your pool is done right! Don’t sacrifice quality just because you want to save a buck or because you want the pool done faster.


Finally, a perfect pool company is a full-service company. Investing in a pool is a long-term commitment. You don’t just install a pool and then forget about it and neither should your pool company. You want a company that offers maintenance and repair services. Even better if they offer pool opening and closing services. You may not think that you need those things right now, but once you are neck-deep in pool ownership, you might be singing a different tune. Knowing that the company that installed your pool and knows it above and below the water line is the one working on it in the future, provides peace of mind.

Here at Aqua Pools, we strive to exceed all of these standards. We have made a name for ourselves in Chicagoland by being the perfect pool company for hundreds of happy customers. Those customers have told their friends and they have become happy customers too. If you are in the Chicago area, we would love to prove to you that we have all the ingredients to be the perfect pool company for you. Come see us!

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