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Tips for Managing Your Pool Before and After Parties

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Tips for Managing Your Pool Before and After Parties

Tips for Managing Your Pool Before and After Parties

 Parties are great, but hosting them can be a lot of work for you. It’s also a lot of work for your swimming pool. Depending on how many people attend your event, the amount of dirt, debris, and chemicals that your pool filter must contend with will be many times that of a normal day.

 Finding Balance

 One of the keys to ensuring proper pool operations during and after a pool party is making sure the water chemistry is in balance. There are a number of chemical formulations that can assist with this. They include:


  • Balance Pak 100 This product helps you maintain the correct total alkalinity. This prevents pH from becoming erratic due to the addition of fresh water to compensate for water being splashed out of the pool. Maintaining proper pH helps prevent pool staining, plaster etching, and liner wrinkling.


  • Balance Pak 200

This swimming pool balancer raises pool water pH, which helps prevent costly corrosion of equipment, wrinkling of the pool liner, and etching of plaster that can result if the pH level drops too low and the water becomes acidic.

  • Balance Pak 300
    This product boosts calcium hardness as a way to help prevent equipment corrosion, etching of plaster, and wrinkling of liners. Its unique formulation makes it dissolve faster and produce less cloudiness.


  • Lo ‘N Slo

    This quick fix pool chemical is easy to measure and is used to reduce pH.


  • Stabilizer 100

    Granular and totally soluble, this swimming pool balancer prevents the residual loss of free chlorine due to sunlight. It reduces maintenance costs and chlorinating product consumption.


  • Pool Magnet Plus

    This product removes some existing stains and prevents new staining from iron, manganese, and copper. 


  • Scale Inhibitor Scale inhibitor prevents scale build-up from high calcium levels and protects pool surfaces and equipment from costly damage.


The Day of the Party

So, as the day of your pool party approaches, you want to be extra vigilant about keeping your pool water in balance. There are other steps you can take to ensure optimal pool operations. For example:


  • Making sure the pool filter is clean. Be sure to remove debris from the filter and backwash it if necessary so that it is performing at its peak during the party. After the party, you should clean and backwash the filter again.
  • Running the pump. Run the pool pump for several hours before the party to ensure that all debris is removed from the water. After the party is over, run the pump in two-hour sessions at least daily for the next few days.
  • Checking chlorine levels during the party. If there will be a break in the pool action — for a meal or group activity, for example — check the chlorine level to see if you should add more, as it will be used up faster with the higher number of swimmers.


Party Prep: Make Sure Your Pool is Ready to Rock

 As you look ahead to what are hopefully many parties in your pool this summer, be sure you have the right supplies on hand. And if you have questions about preparing your pool for a party or helping it recover quickly after, give us a shout.


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