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Top 5 Pool Care Tips

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Top 5 Pool Care Tips

Top 5 Pool Care Tips


For family fun, exercise, and relaxation, a backyard swimming pool is one of the best investments you can make. But like any investment, if you want it to hold its value, you have to put some time and effort into maintaining it. Thankfully, swimming pool maintenance is simple once you get the hang of it.


All You Need to Keep Your Pool Sparkling Clean

 Pool maintenance really is easy if you just keep these five tips in mind:


  1. Skim and vacuum your pool water

Pool filters do the bulk of the cleaning work. However, you’ll need to perform some manual steps if you want to keep your water crystal clear. Before (and ideally after) each time you use your pool, you should skim the floating debris out of the water using a skimmer basket. To keep the sides and bottom of the pool clean, you should manually vacuum up algae, dirt, and debris at least every week or two. While there are robotic vacuum systems on the market and they do a reasonably good job, it’s never a bad idea to follow up manually. 

Manage the chlorine level
Keeping an adequate amount of chlorine in your pool water ensures that bacteria and other organisms can’t multiply and spread. On the flip side, making sure the chlorine level doesn’t get too high prevents eye and skin irritation in swimmers and prevents damage to pool surfaces, ladders, etc. A pool supply provider can explain to you how to test your chlorine level as well as alternatives to chlorine if you’re interested in using another sanitizing agent. 

Use algaecide and pool clarifiers as needed
Not only is algae unsightly, it can clog your filter and cause other problems. It’s important to take action as soon as you see algae developing. An algaecide will quickly eliminate the offensive organism. You can also use an algaecide as part of a preventative routine. Doing so will mean you have to perform “shock” treatments less often. Pool clarifier is a chemical that causes small particles — which can give pool water a cloudy appearance — to clump into larger masses that can be captured by the filter. Use a clarifier as needed.