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Top 5 Reasons Clark Griswold Wanted a Pool

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Top 5 Reasons Clark Griswold Wanted a Pool

5 reasons Clark Griswold wanted a pool.

Clark Griswold wanted a pool. He desperately wanted a pool, and you may feel the exact same way.

Did you ever watch the 1989 National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation movie? If not, here’s the scoop: Clark Griswold wants to get his family a swimming pool for Christmas, making it the most fun and memorable Christmas holiday ever. In typical Clark Griswold fashion, everything that could go wrong goes wrong in spades. The final straw that makes poor Clark go berserk is when the Christmas bonus from work he was counting on to fund the new swimming pool turns out to be a subscription to the Jelly of the Month Club.

Things seem to work out by the end of the movie for Clark, and it looks as though his wish to give his family the perfect Christmas gift will come true after all. In spite of all the slapstick and shenanigans in the movie, Clark had some valid reasons for wanting to give his family a swimming pool. We think these reasons are worth revisiting and might resound with you, too. Here are the top 5 reasons Clark Griswold wanted a pool.

Clark Griswold Wanted a Pool to Provide a Backyard Destination

One of the best reasons to get a pool is to have your own personal outdoor resort. You may recall from other Griswold movies that Clark was big on taking his family on vacations. Naturally being the Griswolds, one mishap after another occurred on these disastrous family trips. You can’t blame Clark for wanting a backyard pool to enjoy a staycation at home rather than hitting the road.

Clark Griswold Loved Family Gatherings

As challenging as some of Clark’s extended family members were, he never stopped wanting to spend time with them. One of the main reasons Clark Griswold wanted a pool was to provide a place for his people to gather. No matter their age, a poolside haven would provide every member of the family a place to hang out and have fun together. And who doesn’t love a fun time with the family?

Clark Griswold Wanted a Pool for His Kids

Clark’s long-suffering kids Rusty and Audrey had to put up with a lot of nonsense from their bumbling dad’s choices. What better reward than to give them a pool where they could enjoy themselves in the water, hopefully building some happier memories than some of their previous Clark-led hair-brained family adventures?

Clark Griswold Wanted a Pool to Unwind from His Job

Clark may not have realized it, but he needed a pool to unwind from his stressful job and thoughtless boss. Honestly, the man works a job where the employee holiday bonus is swapped out for a Jelly of the Month subscription. This is a guy who needs a safe haven to escape to at home. A swimming pool would give Clark a place to unwind from the workplace, and he might even find himself sleeping better. Most of all, if he had a pool, he could spend some of that manic energy of his on a healthier pursuit, such as exercise

Clark Griswold Needs a Pool to Build Rapport with the Neighbors

If you recall, Clark’s misadventures had a regular negative impact on his next-door neighbors. From trees crashing through their windows, blinding bright lights, and sewer gas, these poor folks had to put up with a lot. Imagine if Clark had a backyard pool. He could invite them over to start anew and hope for better rapport in the future. There is nothing like a pool to foster fellowship and social interaction. 

We think these are the top 5 reasons Clark Griswold wanted a pool. We bet you would benefit from a pool for the same reasons, plus a few of your very own. If you have been dreaming of getting a pool, make this the year you call Aqua Pools and make that dream a reality. Unlike anything Clark got himself involved in, an Aqua Pools pool build will be smooth sailing. And if the holiday bonus you were counting on didn’t materialize, we offer financing through Lyons Financial. Get on our schedule today to make the new year one for the memory books!

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