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Top 6 Outdoor Furniture Styles for 2022

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Top 6 Outdoor Furniture Styles for 2022

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Let’s face it. For the past two years, we have been spending a lot more time at home than ever before. As a result, we have found that our interiors have had to be a lot more functional than they ever had to be in the past. The dining room table has become the place where you hold your Zoom meetings. Your unused guest room has been turned into the homeschool room. In addition to changing the way we use our interior spaces, we have moved many of our indoor activities outdoors.

As we have moved toward spending more time outside, our patios have become an essential extension of our interior space. You may realize that using your outdoor space more than ever makes it important to create more functional and comfortable areas out there for your family to use. Aqua Pools can be a tremendous resource to you. Let’s talk about some major outdoor design trends and learn about the top furniture styles for 2022. Don’t wait. Make this year the year you create a patio that really serves your needs. 

The Outdoor Furniture Living Room

There is definitely a trend towards creating an outdoor living room for family gatherings, entertaining guests, and general relaxation away from the hubbub inside your house. In 2022, we are seeing less beige color schemes and a lot more tranquil blues and greens in outdoor decor.

You want your choice of outdoor furniture to be comfortable and inviting, and that means “deep seating”. A great example of this is the Braxton deep seating collection by Perfect Choice™.

Aqua Pools carries Perfect Choice outdoor furniture which is made of an eco-friendly material fabricated from recycled materials such as milk jugs, detergent containers, etc. No wood is used in its manufacture. This brings us to the next big trend in furniture, which is sustainability

The Outdoor Kitchen

The trend toward outdoor kitchens is not going anywhere. In fact, outdoor kitchens and prep areas are getting even more luxurious and elaborate. We are seeing setups with grills, food prep areas, built-in refrigerators, and even dishwashers! Popular materials are weatherproof: stainless steel, marble, and stone.

The outdoor kitchen is typically located near the house, the outdoor dining area, and the outdoor living area. That way the chef remains part of the activities and can interact with family and guests.

The Outdoor Furniture Dining Area

Your outdoor dining area is another important zone in your outdoor living space. Choose comfortable seating that is either contoured to fit the body or is cushioned. You want your guests to linger over the delicious food you have prepared! It goes without saying that your choice of dining furniture should be weatherproof and have a good warranty. Perfect Choice/Polywood furniture fits the bill again.

Fire Pit and Other Outdoor Entertainment

Gathering around a firepit after your evening meal is a special treat for both family and guests. Having a space where you can place seating around a fire feature is the ultimate in outdoor coziness. There is a trend towards gas-powered firepits in 2022.

If your yard is too small to accommodate a separate seating area and fire pit there is a simple solution. Enjoy the best of all worlds when you make your outdoor living area’s coffee table a fire table! Guests can use it to place their drinks, prop up their feet, and enjoy the ambiance of the fire when the sun goes down. 

Interior designers are seeing clients add other outdoor entertainment features such as a weatherproof tv and/or a Bluetooth sound system. You can opt for a projection system or an outdoor flatscreen, and enjoy family movies or that special game. 

Relaxing By the Pool

Is this the year you will finally replace your rickety pool loungers? Adjustable chaise lounges enable you to spend hours basking in comfort by the pool. Take a nap, read a book, watch the kids play in the pool: it is all a lot more enjoyable from the seat of a great chaise lounge! Stackable options are so convenient for storage.

Crowning Touch Amenities

We have talked about furniture trends and creating multiple-use areas on our patios, but there is something else to consider. Moving beyond maximizing the use of our outdoor space, we now want to maximize the length of our prime outdoor season. You can literally add months to the time you can comfortably use your patio with the addition of a few amenities.

Outdoor lighting is so important. Bright string lighting adds a trendy industrial-chic look to your living, dining, and food prep zones. Portable propane heaters keep you toasty and enable you to use your outdoor space earlier in the spring and into the fall’s chilly evenings. 

Make this the year you fully utilize your outside space. Create multiple outdoor zones for your family to use for relaxing, dining, socializing and so much more. Aqua Pools highly recommends  Perfect Choice sustainable outdoor furniture. Come by our showrooms to see some examples, or let us place a special order for you. The top outdoor furniture styles for 2022 are available for your backyard makeover!

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