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Trendiest Patio Furniture Colors and Patterns for Summer 2022

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Trendiest Patio Furniture Colors and Patterns for Summer 2022

patio furniture colors 2022

Does your patio furniture complement the way you live your life outdoors? One thing the past two years have shown us is that we are staying home more and conducting our work and private lives on our own property. Whether we are working from home, homeschooling our children, or entertaining more at home than going out, the fact is, we’ve turned into homebodies. Since we are spending more time at home, we are thinking more about making our space work for us in more efficient and attractive ways. Why not make this summer the year you spruce up your outside space to really suit your needs? What is on-trend and popular at the moment? Let’s take a look at the trendiest patio furniture colors and patterns for summer 2022.

Sustainable Patio Furniture

One of the biggest trends in 2022 is sustainable outdoor furniture. That means patio furniture that is made from recycled plastic, eco-friendly, and natural materials. There is a huge problem currently with landfill-bound and ocean-bound plastic materials that interfere with the earth’s eco-system. Recycling these materials into usable objects such as furniture does a great service to our planet. This trend in outdoor furniture is huge and not going away. Aqua Pools carries a line of furniture called Perfect Choice which is made of poly-lumber, a recycled sustainable material.

Calm Colors for Outdoor Furniture

Every year paint manufacturing companies and color experts come out with their “colors of the year.” For 2022, the trend is towards calming pastels in patio furniture. Soft sage green, gentle olive, greyish greens, periwinkle blue, and pale sky blue are the colors of the moment. Combined with neutral, natural colors, the look is very soothing and serene.

Boho Vibes on the Patio

There is a trend towards bohemian or “boho” touches in patio furniture this year. Bohemian accents such as ethnic patterned pillows, cushions, throws and rugs are popular accent pieces to your patio furniture. Remember the Indian print bedspread you had in your college dorm? That look has come back around.

The Outdoor Living Room

We are spending more time in our backyards, and our patios have become an extension of our living rooms. We want all the comfort, style, and convenience in our patio furniture as we have in the interiors of our homes. Deep seating (cushioned) patio furniture arranged in a conversational pattern, along with a coffee table, side tables, and a rug to anchor the space is very much the thing these days. We desire an outdoor space where we can entertain, relax, and gather as a family. In fact, outdoor televisions are becoming increasingly popular features in these outdoor living rooms. You can spend your evenings outside poolside and never miss your favorite tv series.

Outdoor Climate Control on the Patio

It goes without saying that if we are creating outdoor living spaces where we spend much of our leisure time, we want to be comfortable. It makes sense that our outdoor living space should be shaded, private, and climate controlled. A level of comfort can be achieved with an overhang, privacy screens, overhead fans, and even outdoor “swamp coolers.” Many people in warm climates use misters to cool the air around their outdoor seating area. To extend the use of an outdoor living area in the cooler months, fire tables and portable heat lamps do a great job.

Outdoor Kitchens Still Going Strong

The trend toward outdoor cooking is still very strong. In fact, outdoor kitchens are getting more elaborate, featuring more cooking space and kitchen appliances such as small refrigerators and pizza ovens. An attractive dining set is a great addition to your patio furniture.

Outdoor Workspace

With more of us working from home, a trend has developed towards designing an outdoor workspace. This is best created within the outdoor living area, where a worktable can be set up in the shade with a Wi-Fi connection. A soothing water feature makes a nice addition and filters out background noise.

We hope we have inspired you with some ideas for making your outdoor living space and patio furniture more attractive and conducive to the life your family is living these days. The trendiest patio furniture colors and patterns for 2022 are easy to achieve. Aqua Pools carries Perfect Choice outdoor furniture as well as other accessories to make your backyard living more comfortable. We also do custom orders. Stop by our showrooms in Homer Glen and Worth for a look!


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