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Unforgettable Hot Tub Date Night

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Unforgettable Hot Tub Date Night

hotTubPicture it, you and your significant other soaking in the hot bubbling water of a hot tub. The cool night air allows a steamy cloud to circle the tub, creating extra privacy. Looks like the ideal setting for a romantic date night. You could forego any additional planning and let the hot tub do all of the work, but we have some simple tips that will make your hot tub date night one you will never forget.


Planning a romantic date night is really all about creating the perfect atmosphere. Start with some romantic music playing in the background. Make it truly special by creating a unique playlist of songs that are meaningful to you. Then use a bluetooth speaker so your device stays a safe distance from the tub. Next, try adding in some aromatherapy to give the evening an exotic flare. There are many aromatherapy options that are safe to use in your hot tub. Changing up the lighting can also set the evening apart. Whether it is candles, tiki torches or rope lighting a little lighting change can make a big impact on your romantic evening.


Soaking in a hot tub can definitely be its own form of entertainment. There is much to be said for the great conversations that happen when you are relaxing and simply enjoying each other’s company. If you want something a little different, you could add in other forms of entertainment. Set up a movie to watch as you enjoy the hot tub. Pick a movie that is something you know your partner will like, even if it isn’t your style. Maybe plan a fun game to play while you soak. Waterproof playing cards or 20 questions make great hot tub games. Planning an activity that is a little out of the box will certainly make an unforgettable hot tub date night.

Food and Drink

No date night is complete without something to eat and drink. You can plan a meal to eat before or after your soak, but you could also serve some appetizers or desserts in your hot tub. If you are going to enjoy food in the hot tub, you will want to keep things light. Fresh fruit, chocolate covered strawberries and other mess-free finger foods work well in the hot tub. Fruit infused water or sparkling juices are fun drinks that will keep you hydrated too.

No matter what you plan for your hot tub date night you know it will be enjoyable. Following a few of these tips will help you make sure that your evening runs smoothly so your hot tub date night is truly unforgettable.


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