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Viking Vinyl Liner Pool Advantages

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Viking Vinyl Liner Pool Advantages

Viking vinyl liner

Viking Vinyl Liner Pool Advantages

When you close your eyes, you can see it…the pool of your dreams. It is totally customized, easy to take care of and the install was a breeze. I did say this was the pool of your dreams, but actually, all of those things can be a reality when you choose a Viking vinyl liner pool. They have so many advantages, your new pool may just exceed your wildest dreams.


Vinyl liner pools can be built pretty much anywhere. They don’t require the giant cranes that are needed for fiberglass pools. Nor do they need giant cement mixers that gunite pools require to install. The less complex installation process means you can situate your dream pool in a much more remote location than you could if it were fiberglass or gunite. 

Any Shape

Viking vinyl liner pools can be made into any shape you want. Free-form pools are all the rage these days. You don’t have to be limited to rectangles or ovals and you don’t have to go with the predetermined shape of a free-form fiberglass pool. Vinyl liners also come in a huge variety of colors and patterns. The combination gives you a pool that is 100% unique. 

Any Accessory

Do you want a waterfall? We can do that with a vinyl lined pool. Want a grotto? Yep, you guessed it, you can do that too. Underwater speakers, fiber optic lights, radiant heat, rock slides, diving rocks and pretty much any other custom feature you can dream of are all possible with a Viking Vinyl liner pool. 


Durability is one of the first concerns that people have when deciding which type of pool to install.  Vinyl liner customers usually see a 15-20 year life span out of their lined pools even with the harsh Illinois winters. Durability comes down to more than just the liner. The base, walls, and deck of the pool are all tied in together giving you a solid foundation for your pool deck, water features, and the surrounding landscaping. 

Easy Maintenance

The smoothness of a vinyl liner makes Viking vinyl liner pools to easy to maintain. Because liners are smooth and nonporous they do not attract dirt and debris. Vinyl liners also prevent algae buildup. All of this makes it easier to maintain over the life of the pool. Vinyl liners are also made to be replaced. This makes it easy to give your pool a facelift when 15-20 years have passed and your pool is starting to show its age.


With their superior style, customization options, and easy maintenance, Viking vinyl liner pools are a great option! Here at Aqua Pools, we have literally installed hundreds of vinyl liner pools. Our team of experts is ready to help you design and install your dream pool. Come see us!

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