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6 Ways a Hot Tub Can Improve Quality Time with Loved Ones

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6 Ways a Hot Tub Can Improve Quality Time with Loved Ones

A hot tub can improve quality time

If you have a hot tub, you know that it has a multitude of benefits. It relaxes you after a stressful day, helps you sleep better at night, soothes aches and pains, and even aids your cardiovascular health. But there may be an added advantage that your hot tub can offer. Your hot tub can be a vehicle for bringing even more satisfaction to your personal relationships. It is more important than ever to build stronger bonds with your loved ones by listening, supporting, and connecting. It turns out spending time in the hot tub with your family can bring you even closer together. Aqua Pools would like to share 6 ways a hot tub can improve quality time with loved ones.


1. Get Closer to Your Spouse

Remember why you got together with your spouse or partner in the first place? Would you like to re-kindle those feelings? Your hot tub can help make that happen. Make the time for a special soak in the spa together. The relaxation you experience in the water is a great conduit for conversation. When you are completely present and give your undivided attention to your special someone it sends a strong message about how much you care. You never know what direction your conversation might take. It could be light-hearted fun, a serious discussion about the kids, or an expression of your hopes for the future. At any rate, we think you will find your connection is deepened and the trust you have in each other is reinforced when you designate more time together in the hot tub


2. Raise Your Kids’ Self-Esteem

In this digital age, it can be difficult to get your elementary-age child to put down their electronic devices. Invite your elementary or middle school kids to a one-on-one session in the hot tub and see what happens. After a few minutes of relaxing in the warmth of the water, encourage your child to share their day. Once the conversation starts to flow, you’ll learn about their hopes, their struggles, and their friendships. You have an opportunity to show your child your undivided attention, raise their self-esteem, provide validation, and constructively help them tackle their obstacles.  


3. Learn What’s Going on with Your Teens

With school back in session, sports activities in full swing, and new friendships consuming all their free time, you may feel increasingly disconnected from your teenager. When you only get one-word answers to your queries as to how things are going, you can begin to wonder if you know your teen at all anymore. Invite them to join you in the hot tub. Within ten to twenty minutes you will find your conversation with them has expanded from “Fine”, “OK”, and “No”. Suddenly you are getting actual information about what happened in history class, what the cute guy on the football team said at lunch, and what is really bugging them with their algebra teacher. The conversation is easy because you aren’t grilling your teen. They are opening up naturally and blossoming under the interest and attention you are showing them. Let your teenager talk and as they do and your relationship with them will strengthen.


4. Build Family Traditions

In today’s fast-paced world, it is harder than ever to find time to spend together as a family. We have talked about ways to rekindle romance and have conversations with loved ones while relaxing in the hot tub, but your spa has another function too. The hot tub can be a place to gather the family for games and fun. There are so many hilarious games to try out with the family. Everyone will have a blast and lasting memories will be made. Start a new tradition! Make your hot tub a gathering place for family game night.


5. Bond with Your Friends

Have you found that between last year’s social distancing and our slow re-entry into activities that you still haven’t made much time to get together with your closest friends? Has it been ages since you have seen them and are you feeling out of touch? You can change that right now by planning a small gathering centered around your hot tub. We have seen how a hot tub can improve quality time with our family members. It can do the same with our friends. Invite your closest gal pals over for a session of spa pampering activities. Try out facial masques and give each other mani-pedis. Sip your favorite beverages and get reacquainted. If you are a guy, why not plan a similar spa-focused get-together with your buddies after the game or a round of golf? Rehash all the high points while you relax in the warm hot tub and enjoy a beer afterward.


6. Foster Healthy Habits Together

When you use your hot tub regularly, you are fostering healthy habits that can improve your life. Use it to soothe after-workout muscles, to gain mental calmness through meditation, and to foster better sleep. When you feel healthy, everything improves. You have better focus, more energy, and an elevated mood. You will have more to give to your loved ones and will find your relations with them enhanced in ways you never imagined. 


There is no question that the pace of life today can be hectic. Making time for our loved ones can sink to a low priority if we let it. Instead of being distracted by our responsibilities and commitments, we need to schedule dedicated time with our special people. Block out time to gather together in the hot tub for relaxation, conversation, and togetherness. We hope you found these 6 ways a hot tub can improve quality time with loved ones helpful. Use your hot tub to bring your family together by strengthening relationships, developing traditions, and being present for one another. 

Aqua Pools strives to make your backyard environment more conducive to family togetherness.  With two locations to serve you in Homer Glen and Worth, we are proud to be the source of all your hot tub and spa supplies, services, and products.

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