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What Are the Power Supply Requirements for a Marquis Spa?

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What Are the Power Supply Requirements for a Marquis Spa?

power supply requirements for 240V spa

Are you considering the purchase of a Marquis® Spa? Good decision! You’ve scoped out the location, picked out a level spot convenient to the house, and made sure that there is a water supply and an electrical outlet. You think you are good to go. In your mind’s eye, you are already sitting in that warm water enjoying the hydrotherapy jets and relaxing. But wait. Before placing your order, there is one thing you might not have thought through. What are the power supply requirements for a Marquis® Spa? 

What Do You Mean, “Power Supply Requirements”?

Yes, there are power supply requirements for hot tubs. Hot tubs either require 120 volts or 240 volts of electricity. If you opt for a 120V hot tub, you can simply plug it into your dedicated existing electrical outlet. These hot tubs are often called “plug and play” because they do not require much advance setup. You truly just plug it in, fill with water, balance your water care chemicals, and start enjoying!

In contrast, a 240V hot tub will require a certified electrician to run special wiring from the control panel to your hot tub. Fortunately, your Marquis dealer, Aqua Pools, can advise where to begin looking for an electrician if you need one. 

Why Choose a Plug-and-Play Hot Tub Model?

A plug-and-play hot tub with a 120V power supply requirement is an ideal choice in many situations. They tend to be smaller in capacity, so they may be ideal for a single person or a couple. They also work very well for those who have smaller spaces in which to locate a spa. Additionally, a 120V plug-and-play model is a great choice for those on a budget or who are unsure if a hot tub is for them. Finally, their smaller, lighter size means that they are portable and could be moved to another location if desired. 

Are There Other Differences Between 120V Plug-and-Play Models and 240V Hot Tubs?

There are other differences between 120V and 240V hot tubs, primarily concerning power. A 240V hot tub will provide a stronger, deeper massage experience. There will be additional differences in the type of jets and the variety of hydrotherapy target points. A 240V hot tub may be the pricier option at the time of purchase, but because of energy-saving features, you could save money over time on your utility bill. 

Marquis Spas with 240V Power Supply Requirements

Marquis hot tubs are known for their premium 240V hot tubs, which provide the most luxurious hydrotherapy experience on the market and an extensive range of additional options. Aqua Pools offers four different Marquis collections, all featuring innovative designs and an extensive selection of models to fit various needs and budgets. A hot tub with a 240V power supply requirement is ideal for those who want to accommodate more than two or three people at a time or who want special features.

Marquis Spas 120V Plug-and-Play Hot Tub Options

Marquis Spas has several 120V hot tub options. Their Celebrity™ line of 120V plug-and-play hot tubs offers “therapy, ease of ownership, and just plain fun.” The Broadway™ model comes with a selection of seating features: deep seating for back therapy and another seat for leg therapy, and two more seats of differing heights to fit everyone in the family. The Marquis Nashville™ model is perfect for one or two people and features a lounge seat. Best of all, selected Marquis plug-and-play hot tubs can be upgraded to 240V should you choose to do so in the future.

Aqua Pools has been in the pool and spa business for nearly 50 years, and we feel that Marquis is the brand that offers the highest quality hot tubs for our customers. If you have chosen to purchase a Marquis hot tub from Aqua Pools, you are buying the best. What are the power supply requirements for a Marquis Spa? You have two options, 120V or 240V. We hope defining their differences can help determine the best choice for you. Our professional staff is on hand to answer any and all of your questions about hot tub voltage and powerful hydrotherapy. Come see us to discover the perfect hot tub for your home.


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