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What are the Price Points of Hot Tubs?

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What are the Price Points of Hot Tubs?

Marquis luxury-level hot tub

Are you thinking of buying a hot tub? If you have been doing some research, you may have discovered that trying to find out the actual cost of a hot tub is a bit like trying to solve the mystery of Cleopatra’s tomb, locating the Holy Grail, or understanding how those big rocks got to Stonehenge. We are not sure why that information seems so elusive, but Aqua Pools is here to help. What are the price points of hot tubs? Let’s examine in detail what you get for your money in the three main categories of hot tubs.

Entry-Level Hot Tubs

An entry-level hot tub will cost the buyer between $3,000- $5,000. What can you expect to get for this most affordably priced hot tub? In the industry, entry-level hot tubs are called “Plug and Play” hot tubs. You truly can just plug them in and start enjoying them. These hot tubs operate on a 110v outlet and do not require an electrician to set up special wiring. Plug and play hot tubs are made from a process called “rotomolding,” where polyethylene resin is poured into a hot tub mold, then spun to coat the mold. The result is that the cabinet and the shell are one solid unit.

These affordable hot tubs are lightweight and moveable, which makes them a great choice for a first-time hot tub buyer. They come with basic seating and jet options. Keep in mind that they are less energy efficient than higher-priced models and that their lower voltage results in less powerful jets and a longer time for the water to heat up.

Mid-Range Hot Tubs

Mid-range hot tub prices average around $7,000, up to $10,000. For this price, you can get a very nice hot tub with many enjoyable features. These models are of acrylic construction and typically seat four to six people. They connect with 220v wiring, and you will need an electrician to set up the proper electrical. More features are available than in an entry-level hot tub. For one thing, you will get a greater number of more powerful jets, which are strategically placed to deliver an effective massage. They may come with specialized seating as well, such as a lounge seat or deeper seats for back massage. Some hot tubs in this price range are available with waterfall features and audio systems.

Luxury-Level Hot Tubs

A luxury-level hot tub will cost between $16,000 and $20,000. They also require 220v wiring. Made from superior construction, they often have high-end cabinetry that makes them an attractive addition to the backyard. There is an array of features to enjoy, including the highest level of hydrotherapy jets, special seating for six to eight people, superior insulation, special lighting, audio systems, and automation. Hot tubs at the luxury level are the most energy efficient and can last for many years. The warranty coverage is usually extensive. In addition, they offer the highest quality of water care systems, which means you will use fewer chemicals and have softer more luxurious feeling water.

What are the price points of hot tubs, and why is there such a range? There is a considerable range of prices in hot tubs because there is a considerable range of available features and materials, warranties, and longevity. That being said, there is a hot tub price point for every budget and desire. The professional staff at Aqua Pools are here to help match you with the right hot tub for you, your family, and your stage of life. Stop by our showrooms for more information!


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