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What Chemicals Do I Need for My Pool?

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What Chemicals Do I Need for My Pool?

Stock up on chemicals to maintain your pool

As a pool owner, you have experienced the pride that goes along with having an impeccably maintained pool. You also know what it takes to keep that little piece of paradise looking perfect. Whether you have a pool maintenance service to keep your pool looking fabulous, or you prefer to do the maintenance yourself, you may wonder “What chemicals do I need for my pool?” There are definitely some basic chemical supplies that all pool owners should keep on hand as part of their arsenal for proper pool maintenance. The pool professionals at Aqua Pools have years of experience in advising our customers on this very subject. Let’s get to it.


Your pool sanitizer is what keeps your pool clean and safe to swim in by killing bacteria, algae, and other contaminants. This chemical is your first step in maintaining a clean, clear, and beautiful pool. Chlorine and bromine are two commonly used sanitizers. Aqua Pools carries sanitizers by BioGuard® that are designed with unique technology to keep your pool water in pristine condition. 

Balancing Chemicals

Pool water that is out of balance results in water quality issues that can irritate swimmers and even affect pool equipment. It is essential to test your pool water frequently (one or two times per week) and make necessary chemical adjustments. A water test kit is important to have on hand to do this. Balancers control the various chemical components of the water. Some necessary products to have on hand are:

  • pH increser and decreaser. A pH level that is too low can cause irritation to swimmers. Too high pH can cause chlorine to become inactivated and damage pool equipment. Proper pH levels should be between 7.4-7.6.
  • Alkalinity. In order to maintain a perfect pH balance in your pool water, you may need to adjust the alkalinity level up or down. Proper alkalinity levels should be 80-120 ppm. BioGuard makes products that either raise or lower the alkalinity level, depending on which direction your test kit indicates is needed for the perfect balance.
  • Calcium hardness. An imbalance in the calcium level of your pool water can cause corrosion to pool equipment. 
  • Stabilizer. Exposure to the sun’s UV rays lessens the effectiveness of your chlorine sanitizer. Stabilizer is made of cyanuric acid (CYA) and is added to the water to make your sanitizer last longer and your pool stay cleaner. 

Pool Shock

Think of pool shock or “oxidizer” as a super-chlorinator that is used to consume dangerous organic waste in the pool water. When chlorine breaks down, particles called chloramines are formed which can produce an unpleasant odor and cause irritation to the skin and eyes. Shock attacks these particles and breaks them apart. We add shock to raise the “free chlorine” level and get rid of bacteria, algae, and other contaminants. Shock is an extremely important step in pool care and should be used weekly during swim season. 

Special Chemicals

  • Algaecides. The prevention of algae should be part of your regular pool maintenance routine. When pool water is poorly maintained, algae is a common result. There are two types of algaecides: preventative care and algae destroyers, if you should ever get an infestation. Pool shock alone may not be enough to kill algae, so the routine addition of an algaecide is necessary. It is always best to be proactive and prevent algae before it becomes an issue. 
  • Clarifiers. Pool water clarifiers prevent cloudy water and get rid of contaminants. A clarifier product will bind small particles together so the pool filtration system can pick them up and remove them from the water. If the cloudiness is severe, a product known as “pool floc” (flocculant) may be called for. Pool floc also binds small particles together, but in larger clumps, which then settle to the pool floor and must be manually vacuumed up. 

We hope this information has answered the question “What chemicals do I need for my pool?” Pool maintenance doesn’t have to be complicated, and Aqua Pools knows that with products from BioGuard just about all issues can be handled quickly and efficiently to keep your backyard pool sparkling and inviting. Our professional staff is highly trained by BioGuard in the proper use of their products and can answer your questions on general pool care as well as solutions for specific issues. Come on by our showrooms in Homer Glen or Worth and let’s get acquainted!


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